Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our summer in Lund.. 6 beautiful weeks

Our summer holiday was spent in Skåne, especially in Malmö and Lund - learning Swedish.  6 whole weeks of living mostly in Lund and attending classes everyday from 9 to 12.30 (Monday - Friday).  Was quite interesting but I got into routine pretty quickly.  (We attended 2 field trips with our classes out of a handful of trips..  We only attended those that were away from Lund =))

We originally stayed in Malmö but found it quite difficult waking up at 7am every day and catching the train into Lund, so, after 1 week of living in Malmö, we moved to Lund and stayed 5 minutes away from our university.

We still did plenty of travelling while living there.  We flew back to Stockholm once, spent a day in Copenhagen (Kopenhamn) and spent a long weekend in Ibiza!

After being home in Stockholm.. I'm actually missing Lund and our last 6 weeks..

The street of Lund..  It's pretty quiet now as most of the university students are away on summer vacation

The building just opposite Lund station.  Check out the bicycles.  EVERYONE here rides a bike.. seriously!..

I have to say I did miss Hilton's daily breakfast buffet (in Malmö).  From 1 week of lovely breakfast (albeit slightly rushed) to rushing to class with no breakfast

Poached eggs with salmon and asparagus.. yum.. I have missed thee!

Ahh.. This square brings back memories..  The trees were pretty unusual

I keep thinking they have a life of their own and will catch me unaware if I dare to walk under them at night.. hehe

It's pretty here..
There's even a fountain..
Love the streets and the little houses...  Maybe semi detached?

I love how this tree is growing just at the front and gives the front door some shading..

Whoops.. I snucked in here!  My favourite accessories.. ;)  My hat and phone! Never leave them without my phone!

Ice coffee and cupcake for morning tea while in class.. (from one of our favourite cafe - Espresso House hehe)

This is one of the square we come to and enjoy the sun (when he bothers to come out..!)

I know.. the ground.. but I'm missing Lund ok?!

The square we usually sit and people watch while enjoying an ice cream or two ;)

Our weekend brunch!  We found a place that serve all you can eat!

Waiting for the clouds to move away from my sun..

The restaurant to the right is another one which we frequent quite a bit..

Our favourite bakery.  We have bought loads of doughnuts and pastries from Coop Bakery

Venturing in Malmö can be oddly.... entertaining..

This is Malmö, just opposite the train station


The square...

and a pasta dinner.. where Sean blasted our waiter for bringing our food out late.. Ahh.. the memories ;)

We have eaten plenty of these from Coop hehe.. Coop was just round the corner from our apartment =D

The phone booth (aren't these things antique by now??) near our favourite people watching square and restaurant

My favourite dish here in Lund...  The seafood dish!! and the fries were so damn delicious!!
Ahh.. Lund.. Jag saknar dig.. mycket.. mycket..  but I do not miss the mad studying at night or cramming the night before our tests..  Reciting our verbs - Bli Blir Blev Blivit!  Springa Springer Sprang Sprungit! haha

The memories..