Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Saturday afternoon for a tea party.. ;)

Seriously, I have been stressing about this tea party, worrying about the weather as it hasn't been predictable at all.  One day it'll be nice and sunny, the next day it's pouring down with rain!

So last Saturday came, and guess what?  The sun was out!!  *does a little dance*  I guess the *stop the rain dance* I did the night before actually worked!! ;)

Here's a little preview of what we got up to.  We have a bunch of gorgeous ladies over...  Loads of sugary goodness (cookies, chocolates and cakes), heavenly Parisian tea, beautiful ladies and gorgeous weather, I was happy as anything!

We had 4 - 5 ladies wearing the hair pieces from my collection, miss Althea was great with all the eye makeup on the models

... and S made a little remark..  So many women, but they are all expats..?.  Whoops..  I did invite a few Swedes, but of course, they RSVPed no.. and one did a no show.. *sigh*  So typically Swedish...  I'm not sure what to say to that to be honest..

Anyhow.. back to happier thoughts.. Here's a sneak peak of some pictures during the day ;)

Beautiful colours on the table we set outside.  Laded with a gorgeous pink cake (banana & choc yum yum) lots of cookies and chocolates and hot tea.. with my pretty little hair accessories!  Check out those laduree paper plates and tea

Hello gorgeous array of colours!

We even had Rose... much later in the afternoon *hic*

That's the cute little teapot with matching teacups and saucer sets I found at the flea market in London

Slowly eating through all the sugary goodness!  The homemade cake was so scrumptious, seriously! (Did you see my cookie/cake stand??  Only 45KR each!!  Bargain!

1/3 cake left for me to eat through for the next few days...

All the ladies.. except for one.. who was taking the photos ;) - an array of multicultural-ism! Japanese, Filipinos, Dutch, Lithuanian, Indian/Kiwi, HK Chinese.. and me! =D
Can't wait till we sort through all the photos!!  So, keep your eyes peeled ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every morning..

There's a small voice which keeps harping at me to get up, get up and seize the day..

... so here I am.. Bright and early.. Web surfing.. Whoops

Thursday, September 6, 2012

One by one goes under... down under...

I guess the recession is finally hitting us in Australia.  During the past weeks, I keep seeing Australian businesses going under, one by one.. and there seems to be a lot less jobs being advertised there compared to 2 years or so ago.

First that was good old Darrell Lea.  I remember growing up with Darrell Lea back in Queensland where the best chocolate shop is.. yep!  Darrell Lea... (We were/are pretty backwards in Brisbane ;) )  Australian own and ran by the same family for 85 years.  The good news is, it has been sold and will remain Australian own..

Then there's Retravision.. I grew up with that electrical shop too.. *sigh*

Now, it's Ojay.. yep.. another old favourite brand of mine.  I used to buy my work clothes from them, but could not justify buying their clothing after a while because full price was too expensive, but once it goes on sale, it could go down as much as 70%. (It shows how much of a mark up they usually push up the price!!)  I think I moved on to Cue as Cue was a lot better quality and nicer cut while Ojay, was...  a bit frumpy with a hefty price tag.  How do they survive with such high mark up in the first place?

So, is the resource boom finally crawling to a stop in Australia after all?  As far as I can see, things are not picking up from across the world, instead there's a lot of job losses here in Europe still.  I always keep reminding myself I could always go back to Australia and find myself a job there, but with the way things are going now in Australia, I'm really worried for my future...

Hate this domino effect..  If Europe and America are not buying, this puts a stop to China producing goods, hence stop buying resources from Australia............