Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Vienna, Austria)

haha.. Just saw this still in draft... What do you know.. I can't remember much of this place except for the photos... so, no enlightening descriptions ;(  But I thought.. What the heck!  Might as well just publish this ;)


Vienna...  Vienna...  Ohh...  Vienna...  I have to say Vienna is one of my favourite place to be.  The beautiful architecture throughout the city stops me every few seconds so I can take a closer look, or another snap of my camera.

We were pretty lucky that there's a Film Festival happening at that time, so, we got a chance to explore the food stands..

Exploring around our hotel..

Sand his dad looking very touristy ;)

Windows galore

Was slightly cold and cloudy ;(

The main square
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S's parents

Hop on, hop off bus

Good to see, wherever we go, there's always the golden arches


This is quite funny as this ATM is really low... just perfect for S's parents ;)
Which is weird as this is a pretty tall building as well

Parliament House

Film Festival.. with lots of food stalls

How refreshing!

Yum.. so tempted to grab a handful and run off ;P

Strawberry potent drink

Total concentration on what to have for dinner

Looks like vine wrapped leaves, bread, dips, olives and salad

Yum! I think I have found my dinner!
Rubs belly..
Squid with potatoes... loads of butter as well ...

Had dessert.. was a bit too doughy for me..

Glass bridge.. hmmm

On the hop on, hop off bus

This is the church which Mozart got married...  So much history..
Be still my beating heart...
and just keep admiring the church... The church, you hear!.. Not those yummy police officers ;)

Checking out the neighbourhood
Entering the church...

Hello Horsies!

Wonder what happened to the water..

Loads of high end brands on this street

He He He!  Doing the canal tour..

Loads of pretty graffitis around