Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faces faces, what's in a face? Portrait Photography Meetup, Stockholm

Just uploaded and flicking through my photos.  It's interesting watching all the different expressions people have.  Had my 2nd meetup with a bunch of different people, quite fun I have to say.  Hoping for more...

The idea for this meetup is for us to get others to take pictures the way we want them to on our camera, which didn't work out the way it did as most of us were so used to our own camera, we refused to let them go.. haha

I love lines on a face, give it so much character.  and it's majorly hard trying to take pictures of someone who refuse to stay still..  I say kudos to those people who take pictures of kids as a living.  Those little munchkins sure have loads of energy and refuse to stay still.  I guess the settings would help much..  but I think I'll stick with life objects as you can position and take as long as you want taking pictures of them, without them moving ;)

Which reminds me.. I really need to invest in a good photoshop app... and no, I don't own any unfortunately... ;(  Any recommendation for free for my Mac OS X Version 10.6.8..

I'll love to fix up the eyes.. making them 'shinier'..

Definitely a bit braver with 'cutting' off part of a face when I start clicking.. I'm quite liking it.. Thanks to Mr Bui who kept reminding me to never be afraid to cut off part of the face .. and also to stick your camera lens close up to people's face to get a better shot instead of zooming from a safe distance. Lol!  But then, I got a told off by Peter who told me to shoot people from a safe distance by zooming in.. *sigh* ;)

Anyhow, the rest of the pictures are floating somewhere in my Flickr account

This is Mr Bui, who I ended up teaming with.  He's a professor of some sort at the university.  Vietnamese French but has been in Sweden for a very long time.  Speak a few languages fluently, obviously ;)

The "Hurry up will you please" hehe

This is So Mei.. Was really fun capturing her as she has so many facial expression and poses great..

She takes great pictures too!

This is my 'chinese' look.  I was told I shouldn't smile till my eyes couldn't be seen.. *sniff*

Mr Bui... =)

Mr Bui imparting his knowledge to myself and So Mei as well =)  Lovely man and happy to share his knowledge

Another of So Mei..

Tried to soften this picture a bit..

This was one of another pair..  Was hilarious when we first met them.. Yep... this position ;)

Sahar is Iranian, studying in Stockholm..  She has such cute expressions, but so hard to capture them as she fidgets so much and is so shy..

If you do manage to capture her, such interesting face..

She's so cute!

That's Sahar's partner for this photography..

Added a green tone to this..

There's a bunch of us..  Quite funny when we get together with our cameras..  We'll snap anything that moves ;)

Another lovely guy from the meetup..  A swede who's trying to get into organic and vegan eating.. =)

He has such an interesting face...

Apparently he remembered me from our last meetup (Model Photography)... but you know.. I have really bad memory ;(

Most people are so shy and are reluctant for you to take their pictures.. Not these two Irish lads who just arrived in Stockholm..

They were more than happy to pose for photos ;)

That's it for the night... I'll post more pictures soon! ;)