Friday, August 31, 2012

Collar Jewelleries...

I'm so in love with them right now!  I'm not sure where I first saw them... but I was in Ted Baker in London just a couple of weeks ago.. and boy... The first two necklaces look sooo pwetty.. ;(  I wish I had bought them, but unfortunately I was on a budget...

When I came back to Stockholm, I couldn't help looking around for more collar jewellery.. and tah dah!  Lots of them floating around at cheaper shops like Asos, Topshop and H&Ms..  Should really check them out..  Sure make a plain top more eye-catching!
Ted Baker - CLARRA, Lace Collar Necklace - £99
Ted Baker - BACCALL, Pearl Neck Bib - £49 - This is so gorgeous, so dainty like with those pearls!

Miss Selfridge - Cream Collar Necklace £16.50
Dannijo - HILDE handmade crystal laden peter pan collar - US$745 (so sparkly and pretty) - Mi Lajki/Pearl Collar Necklace - £22.95 - Mi Lajki/Collar Necklace £13.95 Looks cute, pity I'll end up with rashes if I wear metal around my neck .. *sigh*

Asos - Beaded Collar Necklace £10  Quite like this as it's a fabric tie around the neck..
Romwe - All over lace detachable collar US$15.99 - Loving this cotton collar!

Last night we should have eaten at home....

That's what I've been telling myself while I tear a little while sitting on the throne ;( I haven't been this regular.. in a long while!

Last night I was going to cook some Japanese pork curry but decided to have some red meat instead as I've been feeling a bit tired..

So, we went to Texas Longhorn which is just 10mins walk from our street

We ordered the nachos with 2 sauce to share and I ordered the ladies 200g ribeye steak while S ordered the ribs.

Nachos was a bit disappointing with a bland and watery salsa sauce but the cheese sauce was quite lovely although tasted nothing like cheese..

When I was about to tuck into my main, S came back with a bottle of hot sauce and promptly pour some into his little bucket of coleslaw. Took a dip of chip in there while saying he's been warned it's quite hot. He took a bite and coughed a little and gulped down his diet coke.

Smirking, I grabbed his chip, dipped it into the sauce, took a bite and thought... "Smokey but bitter.. Not sure if I like it." So, I took another chip and plonked deeper into the sauce and took a bigger bite..

Then the burning sensation hit.. Really hard. I thought I was on fire, I had tears in my eyes, my nose was running like a waterfall, my ears were ringing and my heart was palpating so hard I thought it was trying to run out of my chest.

Had to yell at S to go get me loads of ice cubes.. NOW! ..  All while hurriedly fanning my mouth and taking huge gulp of my lukewarm water and trying to suck on the last remaining ice in his mug..

Was the most painful 5 mins of my life!! Omg!! They should have a warning sign advising old people and young kids or people with heart problem to stay away!

To make matter worse, one of S's friend was there and laughed at me and decided to have a taste.. And like me, first bite, he was smirking... And decided with a 2nd bite.. And I think he nearly died where he was standing ;p

I was bad as I was mouth washing with the mug of ice cold water which helped tremendously!.. Whoops

My heart was still beating so fast after 40mins and my tummy has been very unhappy with me since then. Needless to say I think both S and I were really happy we have 2 bathrooms in the apartment ;p

We got a message from him today saying he's lost count on how many times he has been to the bathroom.. I don't feel that bad afterall... ;)

Quite a few customers on a Thursday night
Nachos were.. hmm.. so so... for 90KR the salsa sauce was bland, some of the nachos were not fried properly.. The cheese sauce was not too bad though..

My complimentary entree..  some tomatoes and cucumbers and lettuce with sour cream sauce and onions and chives..  Was quite tasty!
S's ribs and fries..  I didn't tried much as I was too busy trying to survive my ordeal.. ;(
My ribeye KR240 - Corn on the cob was the frozen variety, loads of butter in my mash potato which made it yummy.. but the rib eye was... really way too oily and so much fat for my liking ;(
The sauce did say 'Stark' as in Strong.. but seriously.. should have a MUCH BIGGER warning label! I'll never forget this sauce.. Ever!

Now, please excuse me while I return back to my throne ;(

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Piano banging

Yes, we know you can play the piano..

But can you really play it beautifully?

I hate show offs who like banging on pianos, so heavy with their playing. Call me a snob, but light, flowy music beats heavy banging any day! Please don't butcher beautiful music just so you can show people what a 'pro' you are..

*silently cringing*

Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Vienna, Austria)

haha.. Just saw this still in draft... What do you know.. I can't remember much of this place except for the photos... so, no enlightening descriptions ;(  But I thought.. What the heck!  Might as well just publish this ;)


Vienna...  Vienna...  Ohh...  Vienna...  I have to say Vienna is one of my favourite place to be.  The beautiful architecture throughout the city stops me every few seconds so I can take a closer look, or another snap of my camera.

We were pretty lucky that there's a Film Festival happening at that time, so, we got a chance to explore the food stands..

Exploring around our hotel..

Sand his dad looking very touristy ;)

Windows galore

Was slightly cold and cloudy ;(

The main square
Add caption

S's parents

Hop on, hop off bus

Good to see, wherever we go, there's always the golden arches


This is quite funny as this ATM is really low... just perfect for S's parents ;)
Which is weird as this is a pretty tall building as well

Parliament House

Film Festival.. with lots of food stalls

How refreshing!

Yum.. so tempted to grab a handful and run off ;P

Strawberry potent drink

Total concentration on what to have for dinner

Looks like vine wrapped leaves, bread, dips, olives and salad

Yum! I think I have found my dinner!
Rubs belly..
Squid with potatoes... loads of butter as well ...

Had dessert.. was a bit too doughy for me..

Glass bridge.. hmmm

On the hop on, hop off bus

This is the church which Mozart got married...  So much history..
Be still my beating heart...
and just keep admiring the church... The church, you hear!.. Not those yummy police officers ;)

Checking out the neighbourhood
Entering the church...

Hello Horsies!