Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gorgeous pictures of a couple of May Oo xx's accessories

Last couple of weeks have been busy for me.  Other than 'trying' to apply for jobs online, I have been busy wandering around town with Miss A (the old lady trolley I borrowed off Miss Althea because I miss her so and she's gone for 2 months! =((( ).  Visited a few stores to see if my items will go well.  Lots of disappointment but I met some lovely shop owners and some rude people as well ;)  Thankfully more positive than negative.

I nick name thee, Miss A!

I find that when I go in by myself and start speaking in English, people are a lot friendlier.   When I went on a Saturday (I guess it's their busy day) with Shelah, who started speaking with them in Swedish and introduced me and try and speak in English.. and we got a brush off completely.  I'm talking about this particular bridal store.  I understand you might have a client in house, but a simple 'no thank you' will suffice.  Not a 'We don't have time' 'You are not allowed inside that room if you are not a client'.. Like.. seriously WTF?

Because of that I've decided not to venture into anymore bridal stores.  I'm more in search of little boutiques with whimsical/vintage feel like clothing or just accessories.

And one last little thing.... You'll need to do a lot of follow ups once you have visited a store and gauge that they are genuinely keen on your products.  I prefer if they are respectful of your items.  One store owner, when I gave my consent that she could take out the hats to have a closer look, basically pull out my hats straight from the box and was trying to wear it on her head while looking at the mirror.. hmm...

Anyhow, I found this gorgeous little boutique, Plezuro near St Eriksplan with vintage feel clothing, shoes and accessories.  After wandering around the store, I spoke to the girl in the store, who turned out to be the owner, Johanna and she was lovely to speak to.  I'm quite shy and sometimes have to build up the nerve to approach strangers.. =P  I bet some people will laugh when they read this.  Seriously, I'm a shy soul! =P

Luck had it, she was starting a Bridal theme beginning of May and she was quite keen on my bridal hats and such!  So, yeah!

To cut the story short, I dropped off about 16 items to her store last Friday, and she had a photo shoot on Sunday and emailed through some photos.. So, here they are!  (unfortunately, she wasn't in on the day I dropped the items, and I forgot to tell the girl who was there how to wear some of my items...)

The Yin Yang is supposed to be worn a little lower on the side of the head so people can actually see the details of the hat.. I think she's put the hat way too high ;)  but either way.. the bride still looks great.

Real life couples for the photoshoot.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

She's wearing May Oo xx 's ivory satin rose with rhinestone and ostrich feathers hair clip.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

She's wearing the Yin & Yang fascinator.  A little too high up ;)  I believe the jewellery and clothing are now in store.  Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Photographer:  Johanna Westin, Plezuro

Baby steps, baby steps..  I have to keep reminding myself.  Anyhow, fingers crossed and wish me luck.. I hope people like what I've made..


Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh yeah, did I mentioned we got hitched just recently? Just last December...

It's been a long 2 years + and finally I've received my Permanent Residency here in Sweden.  If I had known how quickly I could have got it, we would have married straight away.. Well I would.. but, of course Mr S would have taken a lot more persuading...

Our wedding happened on a snowy blizzard like evening sometime in December..  It was cozy, as we only had around 20+ people.  A few people from London and Stockholm (no relatives from either side.  His parents were understandably upset, my parents were happy beyond relieve..  They couldn't understand why S still wouldn't marry their daughter after nearly 10 years of official dating =P ).  Was lovely how S's friends flew in through blizzard and all and managed to arrive in time for our ceremony and dinner.

I'll just show some pictures for the night.  I made the hat (which was french lace with hand sewn rhinestones on blocked buckram.  On top was white goose feathers which I've made into a flower with silver stems).  Dress was something we bought back in Hong Kong beginning of 2012.  It was supposed to be my registry dress for January 2012, which of course didn't happen.  So, it was just sitting in the wardrobe waiting for the right moment.  Photographs were taken by one of our friends, Natsuko, who was one of the guest at our wedding.  Thanks again Natsuko, eventhough you have completely disappeared from my group of friends ;(  and makeup was done by Julia, a lovely Korean girl, who have since disappeared from my group of friends as well... *sigh*  It's sad when that happens.  Hopefully we'll reconnect again one of these days.  Thankfully my other ladies friends are still around and I'm so blessed to still have them in my life here in Stockholm.

Our wedding ended up at F12 studio, which I blogged about before the wedding.  I think it was a toss between F12 or Vassa Eggen.  F12 won due to its cozy interior!

Managed to book a surprise overnight stay at Sheraton which was just across from the venue

Lovely Julia trying to transform me overnight, while on the right is Miss Althea, one of my closest friend here in Stockholm!

Some of the lovely ladies!  yep, all expats from Asia hahahaha!  From L-R Sej (Kiwi born Indian), Julia (S.Korean), Althea (Phillipines) & Shelah (Phillipines)  S asked if I found all the asian in Stockholm and befriended them.. hehe

Wedding vows etc with the lady who officiate our wedding.  Check out her cool shoes!!!

We had borrowed ring pillow (Thanks, Shelah) and our guest book with a bunch of pressies

Group shot on that night!

Lovely ladies!
Assortment of bread and cumin seeded sticks (which were sooo yummy!)

The food were delicious with different wines to accompany each meal.  I had to make do with non alcoholic drink as I couldn't drink..

Our savoury starter

Entree - Venison Tartare & oyster muscat pumpkins and chives

Soup - Jerusalem artichoke a La Creme apple & parsley

Main - Roe Deer with Red Wine (forest fed, almond potatoes, lemon & watercress)

Some sorbet to wash and cleanse our mouth before dessert

Dessert - White Coffee ice cream with meringue, cherries and chocolate

Our mixed berries with white chocolate wedding cake (which was provided by F12) and loads of chocolates with our tea & coffee

Sej and me (she caught my handmade bouquet!)

Until next time!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Loppis... to do or not... but positive side.. My bridal range will bestocked at this little boutique in Stockholm!

Have to say, was a HUGE HUGE disappointment at the Burleskloppis today.  Firstly, my table placement was hidden from majority of people (hidden in a far away room).. and to top it off, my product lines were with 2nd hand sellers which had nothing to do with my products.

Was having a sinking feeling when we rocked up there at 10am to set up and was led to the farthest area.. and by 11am (an hour before the loppis was due to open), I already knew that's no way this will be a great day

           My lovely friend Sej was up at 6am on a Sunday to help me!  She was with me the whole day!

It's not like everyone there were 2nd hand sellers..  There were proper store owners there.  For the amount I paid, which was the same as everyone else in the main hall.. I would expect at least a reduction of fee to have us hidden in a small room, where traffic was less.. and when there were traffic, it was so crammed, and things were being bumped off my table and noone could move;The whole place was so stuffy I could hardly breathe and sometimes feeling so light headed..

Good on the organizer for wanting to maximize all the space so she could squeeze every penny from the sellers, but big boo to her for charging the sellers hidden in a closed, crammed up room the full price. At least warn us next time or refund us the money.

So, yep, majorly disappointed... Until I saw this!!.................

This gorgeous gorgeous boutique, Plezuro in Stockholm, which stocked unknown designer goods and on their updated blog, a sneak peak of some of my bridal items on their blog.

but best of all, a sneak peak of their photoshoot which they did today, on their blog!  My hats!!!!

I guess baby steps at a time.. baby steps...

Anyhow, wish me luck!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burleskloppis 5.0 - Stockholm (Come say hi! =D )

If you are in Stockholm on the 28 April 2013, do pop over to the Burleskloppis (loppis = second hand/flea markets) which will be held at:

Eriksbergsgatan 8B
(nearest T-bana would be Östermalmstorg)
12:00 - 17:00

This will be my first market here in Stockholm and hopefully my first of many.  Truthfully be told, it was a tad expensive to get a table at this market.  500KR is quite a lot and I had to pay 50KR to have someone there with me.  Yep, for visitors, it's a 50KR entrance.  (It's a pity unlike London & Australia, there's no such thing as arts and craft markets... but loppis are massively popular here)

But there will be performance, gorgeous women dressed up in costumes, feathers, glitters, raffle tickets and lots more there.  So, do pop in over... and come say hi to me! =)

I have a range of items I will be showcasing from my collection.  I have been twitting and instagramming quite a few of them in the past few months..  There's great stuff for the burlesque girls, there's even goth headwear (spikes and studs) and also a range of bridal stuff! ;)  and there's a small pile of cheaper items for kids as well!

Sneak peek at some of my items available for that day!

Hope to catch you there!

May Oo