Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gorgeous sunny Saturday, eating around town! =)

This weekend has been fun and I really did eat around town all day today!!  The sun was out and the sun was soooooooooooooooo sunny!!

Firstly, I met a bunch of women for brunch at around 11am in the morning.

It was at this little cozy cafe but darn, it was so popular, there were long queues!  The food looks good..  and I ordered the scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon and toast which was just 100KR.  Pity the freshly squeezed orange juice is 35KR...  (kinda steep ain't it?!)  They have a variety of food from waffles to french toast to breakfast with the works!

Cafe Sirap
Surbrunnsgatan 31  
113 48 Stockholm
08-612 94 19

My super unhealthy breakfast!  Bacon was kind of soggy but definitely too much meat.. I couldn't finish it all =(  But good value for money if you have a hearty appetite..

Then I went off to Kungsträgården, hoping to catch the full cherry blossom bloom... but unfortunately I've missed it this year as the trees are no longer pink.. =(  but there looks to be a festival happening there.. and I scored myself a free yoghurt with some crispy bits and chocolate on the top!

Freebie yoghurt in a little boat...  There's King Carl statue in the background =)  Check out how blue the sky is!

Met the hubby here, and from here, we took a stroll towards Hörtorget where we shared some sushi for lunch (whoops.. I was quite full then!)

Tokyo Diner

We went into the Saluhall searching for the usual sushi joint, but we came across a fancier than normal sushi place (I think it's the same old japanese chef), but it's a bit more 'Swedishfied' with some swedish food added to the menu.  They even hired a few Swedish guys (2 - 3 ) which were just doing absolutely nothing, as the chef made all the sushi.  They took our order, but we had to repeatedly ask them to bring out the soy sauce/plate for our sauce and even drinks...  Seriously bad service.  Why hire so many guys who were just strutting around doing nothing? =P

The food is still quite delicious

Unfortunately, I found some unwelcome surprise in my napkin, after we had eaten and I was flapping open my napkin >_<
Across from the sushi joint is a sweeeeet stall filled with delicious pastry and gelato!

Gelato Bar
111 57 Stockholm

Oodles of sweet Italian pastries to choose from


But we were good.. and only went for a strawberry sorbet ;)

After that, it was time for a movie at the cinema just at the square - Star Trek!  Seriously was so good!!!

The movie was slightly over 2 hours and we went for an hour massage...  After the massage, we decided to have a quick dinner at our old joint on our old street.. =)

Hornsgatan 18  
118 20 Stockholm
08-644 00 15
For starters, we had potato skin which were loaded with melted parmesan and bacon with sour cream and chives.  The extra salt flakes add a little OoOOmph to them..  So delicious!  - 89KR

Just realised I ended up eating more than half of these.. hehe =)

For main, I had the HOT New Orleans mussels with sausages, celery, carrots, tomatoes and onions in a clear soup.  Spicykr and delicious! - 148KR  the boy had the Bacon & Cheese hamburger with chips and a side yummy creamy coleslaw - 175

Yep!  I polished mine up! =)

Excuse me while I go lie down now..  Been a busy crazy day for me today.  I think I've eaten enough to feed a family of five, in just a day...

Till next time!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Salute to all the teachers out there!! *respect*

Dear diary,

I have total respect for all teachers out there, especially those having to deal with teenagers..

I seriously kow tow them!!! Having to control a class of 30 or so students and educate them.  Typically, like any wild animals, when they gather in groups, they can turn feral. If I had a choice, I would gladly let them loose in the wild and let them fend for themselves.

 I knew I was a sullen, angry teenager but oh my!!  I wish I had been different! Hehe


Excuse me while I lie down and surrender myself to exhaustion!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

After 2 years or being the lady of leisure.. Guess who is back at work?!

Today was my first day back at work.  A lot of things sure are happening fast for me this year.  I guess best part of it is when I gained my PR and finally a personal number!  I don't have to keep travelling to and fro to the other side of the world every few months at least! ;)

It's not a full time job however, but I'm so appreciative that a friend got one of my foot in.  At the moment, it's mostly on casual basis where I get called in whenever they need someone to cover, but it's quite interesting experience (deja vu!) as I did meddle in this profession in my first year and a half of university and I couldn't get away from it fast enough!  But boy!  Time sure has changed!!

.... but I think it's been a shock to my system when I came home and collapsed into a deep sleep!

Never been this tired!  Waking up at 7am after nearly 2 years of waking up whenever I wanted.  Wish me luck!


Boy... I'm dying for a nice soak in the bathtub......

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After. Boo!

What can I say about Charlaine Harris final book for this series... Two words..

"Utterly disappointed".. I was crushed.. 13 books and to end it like this. I started getting hooked into the world of Sookie Stackhouse while living in London and discovering free postage from amazon. From then on, I was hooked.  Each year after that, I'll wait impatiently to purchase another book, to dwell into the world of Sookie Stackhouse, swooning and sighing.  One second barracking for Bill, the next Eric. I totally adore Eric by the last few books.. I admit it, if given the chance, I would have been a fangbanger!

So, the final book was a serious blow to me. All Sookie's previous exes given the flick and she went a whole circle back to man #1.

I'm so sad there wouldn't be any more books after this. Majorly disappointed, I could cry. Considering I read the whole book in less than a day.

Then I sat still for a minute, shocked and utterly crushed by the ending and how things turned out.  Charlaine Harris! I'm utterly disappointed with you!  How I wish she would continue with the series and somehow bring Sookie and Eric back together..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Still the best roast duck - Four Seasons, Bayswater, London

One of my wish list in London was to gorge myself senseless and eat as much asian food as I can and what better way than to return to an old haunt at Bayswater.

It's a typical Chinese joint where the service isn't that great, but you are here for the food and nothing else.  Where they'll rush you out once you have finished your meal, by dumping your bill on the table without you asking for it.. and of course basically push you out once you have paid.. uh hum ;p

I met Miss K here for dinner and while waiting in line with S, a couple of guys (non asian) cut through the queue and proceed to head to the front.  Annoyed, I asked loudly "Did they just cut the queue??"  Whoops.. cos they heard and their pathetic excuse was.. "Have you been here before?"  "Because we have been here plenty of times and you don't queue, you just head straight up here and tell them how many people is in your party and they'll tell you when you can return for your table"  Cue my eye rolling , but I explained to them that there's still a queue and yes I've been here plenty of times and yes we are all waiting to advise the waitress how many people are eating and when we could come back.  So freaking rude.  That's one thing which I much admire in Sweden (although it does get annoying) is everyone QUEUES here.  You QUEUE for everything.. even at the butcher, the doctors.. EVERYWHERE...  Courtesy, please!

Four Seasons
84 Queensway 
BayswaterUK W23

The roast duck is simply the best still.  Crispy skin, slightly fatty but juicy and tender meat with pak choi (veg) underneath and swimming with sauce.. yum yum

Stir fried green beans with black bean sauce and pork pieces (or were they chicken?  I couldn't remember ;) )

A small side serve of crispy skin pork!  (with pak choi)  Boy!  I love love love crispy skin pork

Stuffed beancurd with vegetables.. (Stuffed bean curds were pretty pathetic.. as it was just a thumb print size of mixed prawn at the top..  was weird =P ) but still tasty

I love you fooooood!

Had waffles and gelato later on with Miss K (some ice cream place round the corner)

Four Seasons on Urbanspoon

A long weekend in London

Last weekend was a bank holiday in London and I'm pretty glad I went with S for a few days.  London always hold a soft spot for me as I've lived there for nearly 2 years.  I feel sad that most people I know have returned back to Australia, but thankfully there's still a handful of good friends left in London.

Was a good trip!  We ate, we danced, we caught up with some people, we watched the sun set, sunrise and my baby got to ride on a bike!  (although behind one and not actually steering it!)  Overall a pretty good trip!  Although I've only managed to stock up on very very little food stock this time round..

Sunsetting at Putney..  Before heading for Vietnamese food!
All tucked in and ready to ride
Doing a little dance before hand..
Walking along the riverside at Hammersmith
Hammersmith Bridge in the distance...
New leaves poking out, welcoming spring
Hammersmith Bridge... under all the clouds... 
After a night out dancing and returning at about 5 - 6am in the morning.. I was out in my pyjamas watching the sunrise! ;)
View on the other side of the bridge..  Lots of birds... 

Hope we all have a good weekend!  Stockholm sure is warming up loads now!