Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner at Lux Stockholm...

Hello!  I had a lovely dinner last night.  There were 6 of us and I was a tag-along but nevertheless, the atmosphere was lovely and the food were quite interesting.  We had the summer menu which consists of 6 - 7 degustation meals.  The meals came with matching wine, but unfortunately for me, I had to opt out..  Me + alcohol = zonked out!  

The meals came out promptly.  Each dish was promptly delivered less than 10 minutes after the last plate has been cleared.  The dishes were small, but still quite filling (and so many!!) as I was bursting by the end of it.  We started at about 7 something in the evening and left about midnight.  That's a lot of indulging!


Summer Menu:  1175SEK
with beverages:  1930SEK

Loving the interior....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Salzburg, Austria) cont..

The next day, we did another tour, heading out of Baroque Salzburg, and crossed over to the Austrian-German border into Bavaria.  We drove to valleys, passing through scenic farmhouses to reach the foot of Obersalzberg.  We then took a special bus for the rest of the ascent to Eagle's Nest (Kehlsteinhaus).  There,  a WWII brass elevator transported us to the Eagle's Nest perched on top of the mountain.  Eagle's Nest has a special history as it was Adolf Hitler's 50th Birthday gift intended for him as a retreat as well as a place for him to entertain visiting dignitaries.  The funny thing is, Hitler has this fear of height that he never once stayed overnight in this magnificent place.  In fact he rarely visited this property and reports have been suggested he's only visited around a handful of times and thankfully for that, due to the lack of associated with Hitler, this place was saved from demolition at the end war.

Clouds floating..
Imagine how beautiful this place would look during winter..  Snowcapped mountains..

Guess who that silly goose is hanging off the cliff, trying to get some shots!  I have a fear of height, and was too scared to do it =(

The summit cross

Walking back down to the restaurant
This place is now owned by a charitable trust and serves as a restauran
The restaurant

Our tour guide
Chicken Schnitzel - our brunch!
Walking out again, the clouds are slowly sweeping across the view
Obscuring everything in sight..
Back to the brass elevator
Through the tunnel
Reminds me of a movie...
and back down to the bottom where we await the special bus to take us back down
More views..

The tunnel
Mother and son

Bavarian village of Berchtesgaden, where we stopped for lunch
This concludes our travel in Salzburg...

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Salzburg, Austria)

From Munich..  We drove to Salzburg (I think I was sleeping most of the way ;) )  The hills are alive... With the sound of Music... anyone?!

We stayed here for 3 nights and rain kept following us during our trip.  Our first evening there was to attend a Mozart Dinner Concert (3 course dinner) at Stiftskeller St Peters, which claims to be the oldest restaurant in Europe - even the Mozart's family had dinner there! The four of us got our own private table (thank gawd, as I would hate to share a table and pretend fake chit chats with some strangers..)

The concert is performed in three parts.  They were all dedicated to some of Mozart's famous operas and were performed before each course of meal.  They were Don Giovanni, Le Nozze Di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) & Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A little Night Music).  These bring back some fond memories of when I was studying piano and having to learn by heart some of Mozart's written works (for my theory exams) back during my childhood!

This will be a long post, but if you are still keen to read and be blinded by more pictures, please click:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Munich, Germany)

I've been back in Stockholm for nearly a week, and am slowly fixing and uploading my travel photos.  There's the trip to Asia in October (Singapore/Melaka/Kuala Lumpur/Penang and Seoul) and of course our most recently summer trip in Europe which lasted around 2 weeks.

It was a memorable trip as Sean and his parents were there as well.  Imagine a road trip, hours driving from one city to another and just the four of us in the car.  Me?  I spent most of my time either sleeping or eating.  Shocking, but this sure proves I can sleep anywhere! =)

I arrived back at Stockholm at the end of July (approximately 39 hours flight, stopping over in HK to change plane and again in Heathrow before arriving in Stockholm) and stayed for 2 nights before flying to Munich where we spent two nights.

This is my story.


It's Kantarelle (Chanterelle) season here in Stockholm.  These beautiful golden/yellow fungus are a sight to behold.  I see them everywhere - in the supermarkets, markets, restaurant menus...

I guess we were caught up in the fever when we were in hötorget just yesterday.  We wanted to buy about 250grams, but somehow ended up with 1kg!

1kg worth of Kantarelle sitting in our fridge

These golden delights are supposed to be fully loaded with vitamin C & potassium and among the richer source of vitamin D.  I guess we have better load ourselves up to prepare for the cold winter months (I'm so going to miss Mr Sun!)

I've heard they are simple to cook, with just butter, salt and pepper.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Not sure how long I've had this blog for, but I've re-stumbled into it again.  Hoping to start writing from here, but does anyone know how I can migrate my blog from livejournal to here?  Any help will be much appreciated.

Cheers, big ears =)