Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello London!

What do you know... I'm back in London.. God! How I've missed this city.. The moment I landed in Gatwick, trying to catch the train and tube into London city and finally walking out in the open air. I've had a smile plastered to my face since.

I took a deep breath of air. Yep! I've missed it.  There's people everywhere with all sorts of fashion sense and speaking all different sort of languages.. Always in a rush..The pollution.. Definitely not in Sweden anymore. ;) It just makes London so.. unique..

It brought back memories of when I first landed in London, back in 2008. I was so young, so excited, brimming with adventures and possibilities.. I was so far away from home, with only contact details all scribbled on a piece of paper and safely tucked inside my passport wallet... Boy! Did I had fun then..

Can't wait to explore London again.. Frequenting my old haunts.. This time I want to spend more time browsing through the markets. There's a few markets I would love to visit to search for hidden treasures.. I have a week this time..

Can't wait!


I'll leave a picture of something I saw while coming out of the tube station.. How I love London =)

Not just any cock, but the famous cock... A pub near one of the tube station...