Friday, August 31, 2012

Collar Jewelleries...

I'm so in love with them right now!  I'm not sure where I first saw them... but I was in Ted Baker in London just a couple of weeks ago.. and boy... The first two necklaces look sooo pwetty.. ;(  I wish I had bought them, but unfortunately I was on a budget...

When I came back to Stockholm, I couldn't help looking around for more collar jewellery.. and tah dah!  Lots of them floating around at cheaper shops like Asos, Topshop and H&Ms..  Should really check them out..  Sure make a plain top more eye-catching!
Ted Baker - CLARRA, Lace Collar Necklace - £99
Ted Baker - BACCALL, Pearl Neck Bib - £49 - This is so gorgeous, so dainty like with those pearls!

Miss Selfridge - Cream Collar Necklace £16.50
Dannijo - HILDE handmade crystal laden peter pan collar - US$745 (so sparkly and pretty) - Mi Lajki/Pearl Collar Necklace - £22.95 - Mi Lajki/Collar Necklace £13.95 Looks cute, pity I'll end up with rashes if I wear metal around my neck .. *sigh*

Asos - Beaded Collar Necklace £10  Quite like this as it's a fabric tie around the neck..
Romwe - All over lace detachable collar US$15.99 - Loving this cotton collar!