Monday, August 13, 2012

Koreana Restaurant - Stockholm

What?  2 Korean places in one day? Nope!  But I did mention about Korean food and Koreana in my previous post and I thought, what the heck..  Might as well post up the food pictures from Koreana..

Luntmakargatan 76 
113 51 Stockholm

Good asian food is hard to find here in Stockholm and when you find a good place, you tend to stick with it.  I believe Koreana is definitely a keeper.  I can't remember what the price range was, but we went for dinner (dinners are usually more expensive).  But..  They had set menus, which include a sushi entree, main and kim chi side dish.  To top it off, they have free tea and miso soup for all. (yay to freebies!)

Went with Miss Althea and a bunch of people from the foodies group.. She had the set menu while I ordered the kim chi soup (with beef) That was seriously the nicest meal I had..

Beautiful orangey salmon and prawn sushi starter

My beef kim chi soup and rice... Did I mention how delicious it was?

Look at all the spicy sourish goodness.. I'm salivating  just looking at it now..

Miss Althea's bimbibap and kim chi side dish.. It looked delicious and it tasted devine!

Did I mention how delicious my kim chip soup was??