Friday, May 15, 2015

Bored expats wives in Singapore

I know it's been a while since I last put down my thoughts.. 

We travelled, we ate and there's so many things I wanted to write down to remember, but I kept running out of time.. Or I forgot ;( ohh those memories.. Oh well.. ;(

Anyway, last night, I finally met up with a bunch of expats ladies(wives). They were lovely! Some had kids, some not, some are working, others are ladies of leisure. Some really amazing ladies out there. One particular one made me pause for thought..

An Aussie from Melbourne.. First thought, awww how nice ! Then she opened her mouth..  Snippets of our conversation for the next 10 mins -  "Oh yeah I live in Box Hill, there's sooo many Asians there" . I nod and laughed and agreed and said "it's like a Chinatown there, much better than Chinatown itself in Melbourne" then conversations moved to children.. She continued.. "I 
don't work. I have 3! But I'm always so bored!!"  Then helpers.. "Yes I have 1 but only for the last 2 months" Then paying for helpers and justifying it.. "I'm paying for her family rice paddy in the backyard".. This was said jokingly.. Of course... "It makes me feel like I'm doing something good!" Hmm... "She's a really good cook and love to clean!  So, really, there's nothing to do. That's why I'm so bored!" Oh yeah, I'm sure!  "She cooked us beef rendang and my brother tasted it and love it so much, he took down the recipe and decided to put it into his restaurant's menu back in Wangaratta!" Right-to!  I hope she gets some acknowledgement for that? "I told him, he better take a photo of it and I'll show it to her!" Oh!  "She's a lovely girl, but is not all together there... Some things she can't comprehend! But I like how she's trying to better herself!" "She signed up for a course! Some English course or something and it cost only $150! And she was sooo happy I paid for it!  It was nothing! It's only $150! So cheap! For 6 months!" Wow! Bless her heart.. Generous as well ...

I'm not sure.. Are all us Aussies like this? I doubt she meant any harm in what she says but it's interesting nonetheless.

But I had a lovely evening, mingling around talking to so many nationalities and personalities in a room. Some are loud and chirpy while others are shy and slightly reserved.. Singapore, a real melting pot of cultures.  I have really missed that.