Monday, August 13, 2012

Kim Chi - Korean Restaurant in Stockholm

Kim Chi Korean Restaurant
Luntmakargatan 95
11351 Stockholm
Tel:  08-684 026 29

I've been meaning to upload pictures from all the places we have tried and tested wherever I am, but sadly, I always keep forgetting.

Anyhow, I was out today for lunch and tried Kim Chi - Korean Restaurant with a bunch of girls from Meetup as we were told this was an authentic Korean restaurant and the food is supposed to be one of the best in Stockholm.

To be honest, I think I prefer Koreana which strangely is on the same street..

Unlike most Korean restaurants I've been in Australia, there's no such thing as freebies here (except for water ;)) .. So, don't expect tea or soup or even kim chi (I miss those little cold condiments they keep feeding you with.. kim chi, bean sprouts, potatoes etc.. and you can keep asking them for more)..  as you have to pay KR30 for kim chi.. hmph!

I love Sweden as there's always Dagens Lunch (specials for lunch and much cheaper than the usual items from the menu) To start with, we had -

Korean Seafood Pancake.. Utterly delicious.. Nice and crispy..

Gochujang Bulgogi - Marinated beef in chilli sauce, sesame oil, soy, garlic and grilled with vegetables - 85KR (Dagens Meny) - Those who had it was raving about how good it is..

I had the grilled salmon with the gochujang sauce and vegs - 85KR ... It was.. meh.. so so.. I should have ordered the bulgogi =(

and last but not least..... we went to a cafe for dessert.....  coconut sorbet (not really sorbet, but not too creamy.. just perfect!) with berries (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry).. KR35
What a lovely day today has been.. Quite warm when out in the sun but cool under the shades..  Ahh.. Pity summer has already ended ;(