Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear neighbours...

I thought it has been raining while I was away in London, but obviously not.  I love how a deckchair is now lying just below our window downstairs and this morning a beautiful young blonde was sitting in there trying to catch the morning ray of sunshine...

During summer, there were two young blonde Swedes lying in their bikini lounging just outside our window.  I know this is a communal garden and you need to keep those skin looking tanned during summer and throughout autumn, but seriously, could you give a slight thought to your neighbour who is no longer young and trim and might get slightly jealous catching a glimpse of all those tanned looking skin and flowing locks of hair when she winds up her blinds first thing in the morning?

Please neighbours, I wouldn't want to take the joy out of you enjoying the last bits of sunshine left for the year, but can you please sunbake/lounge around maybe in your own apartment or perhaps the park round the corner instead of right outside our windows?

Yours sincerely,
Your downstairs neighbour..