Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pastels.. so summery..

Quite loving all the pastel colours in fashion at the moment..  Very sweet and demure..  I love how some people have been calling them 'eye candy' and 'gelato flavoured'.  Such pretty names.  Pity I don't carry pale colour too well and it's too wet and cold to look summary and happy.  *sigh*

I think Cotton On, Rubi Shoes (Australia) are carrying some gorgeous pastel shoes...  Just so scumptious and delicious, don't you think??

Evie Envelope Clutch Bag from Rubi Shoes
Gatsby Heel from Rubi Shoes
Venus Point from Rubi Shoes

Daisy Crochet Skirt from Portmans
Nine West, Australia - Heels & matching bags... How yummy!

Summer is nearly over and it's been a really bad summer for me here in Sweden.  Only a few days of proper sunshine which I could count on both my hands.

Wonder what the winter months will bring?