Sunday, August 19, 2012

Identity crisis. Being a third culture kid (TCK)

Today, someone asked me where I'm from and without hesitating I said Australia and when prompted where my parents are from I answered Malaysia and I'm born there but brought up in Australia, so I am Australian. He thought it was amusing how I kept repeating that I'm Australian.

Yes amusing to you who kept saying I'm Malaysian. Hello? I know nothing about Malaysia now and have never considered it home since high school. I've lived in Malaysia for around 13 years, Australia for around 17+ years and not to mention London and now Stockholm.. I did my high school and university years in Australia and worked majority in Australia.

Reminds me when I was little and living in Malaysia and when asked what our nationality is, it's always Chinese, Malay or Indian.  Never Malaysian..  Isn't that a very narrow mind frame?

My family are in Australia and I always return back to Australia and on top of that I hold an Australian passport. Not hard right? It's not cos I'm 'ashamed' or 'confused' about my identity. Far from it. It just annoys me that I'm not 'white' but 'yellow' in appearance hence I should not consider myself Australian.

Throughout my travels around the world when people ask me where I'm from, I've never hesitated in saying I'm Australian and I never question it when asians inform me that they are from a western country......... Unless I could detect their strong Asian accent, then I'll prompt them where their origins are.

I have to say my accent is a mix of anything.. Not really Asian nor Australian although most people always detect a trace of Australian in the way I speak, but I can definitely put on a strong 'Malaysian' accent once I start hanging out with Malaysians .. ;)

Who else is in the same boat as me?!?

Relaxing and catching some lovely sun in London. What hot weekend!