Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sometimes it's just a drag to wake up and get out of bed.. Like what I've learned in Swedish.. Att vaknar och stiga upp are two completely different things...

I've been waking up early and just lazing around in bed till god knows what time.. Just happy to play games and what not on my iPhone.. Completely unmotivated to do anything else.. Or if I'm up and about, I'll be parked right in front of the TV, watching 'Nikita' hehe

I eat when I'm hungry, do things whenever I feel like it, without having to step outside of the apartment..

I know I have to start making things for the upcoming tea party shoot, but with nothing to motivate me, I feel slightly frustrated..

I was trying to make a rose with sinamay on top of a sinamay base a couple of days ago, but having trying to stiffen it later, I totally ruined the whole thing by putting too much stiffener on it.. Now you can see those patches all over the half done rose and base... I think that's why I got so frustrated and lost interest with making anymore hair pieces..

I'm not looking forward to winter.. I can feel a dark hole sucking me through... slowly..

On a good note, London tomorrow for a week., there's more things to perk my interest but it means I'll be spending money and I hate spending money when I have no income coming in from my side.

I've also been sketching some pieces I want to add to my collection of hair accessories but I really need more materials and a good dose of creativity and motivation.

Trying to think happy thoughts.. Here's a pic of Ibiza.. I'll need to upload pics of Ibiza before I forget about the trip.. It's already a distant memory..