Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not... another... wedding.. *sigh*

... Just shoot me please.. Don't get me wrong, but it's getting quite depressing.. Mostly all his friends.. You know how men mature a lot slower and such (don't get me started with my friends who are mostly with children!)

This is how I usually get introduced to his friends:

1. Meet S's friend.. Either single or starting to see someone.
2. Things get serious and they move in together
3. Next you know, engagement
4. Next, it's another freaking wedding
5. Before you know it, it's another freaking baby

And it's always the same story.. ;p strange right???

Don't get me wrong. Beautiful wedding, bride has lost quite a bit of weight since I last saw her a few months ago and looks stunning. Gorgeous location and perfect weather.. (It has been pouring with rain but on that day, slightly cloudly but still perfect!) and it poured again the next day!  Out at Skepparholmen resort and spa, one of many little islands just 1/2 hour car ride from Stockholm.

On another note.. We are still plodding along.. Will be the children's wedding before we do the deed.

... and it wouldn't surprise me if he takes those children out to clubs and parties as well.. *rolls eyes*

Entree was a typical Swedish dish - Skagen toast with caviar and green salad.  The toast was so delicious, deep fried and prawns were chopped and smashed and so creamy.. I'm just drooling thinking about it...

The main - Beef tenderloin with potato and Västerbotten cheese gratin served with red wine sauce, with yellow beans and sugar snaps and a sprig of thyme on top.  The beef was so tender and juicy but I wasn't too keen on the potato.. but what do you know, I still polished it off.
Dessert  - Buckthorn pannacotta - The brown stick at the top?  It's actually a chocolate brownie, which was beautiful and chocolately (dark chocolate) and a slight crunch to it.. The pannacotta was creamy with slices of strawberries at the top...
The cake cutting.. ;)  4 layers of cake!  - Raspberry and chocolate mousse and coated with either dark chocolate or white chocolate..