Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Sweden.. What summer???

I'm so over the dreadful weather here in Sweden.  It's been raining continuously and I haven't had a proper summer at all.. *sobs*

Miserable miserable week!

I'm also pretty sad that we have a little over 2 weeks left here in Lund.  I'm feeling a pang of sadness already.  It's been our home for the last 3+ weeks.. *sigh*  What have I learnt?  Jag vet inte!  I'm still shocking with my Swedish and I get so shy when trying to speak with strangers, so I tend to clam up.  S on the other hand is trying his Swedish with anyone down the street!

What else.. Let's see.. Was watching the latest SYTYCD Season 9.. and really disappointed that red lips, beautiful Alexa is out.. Boo Hoo Hoo!  Cole Horibe & Lindsay's routine was disappointing as well.  What a 'boring' number =(  Cole still rocks though!  Let's hope they are not in the bottom next week.. *fingers crossed*

On the other hand..........  we are off to IBIZA next weekend!  Bring on my proper summer!!  My fat white legs might see some sun after all!!