Monday, July 9, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy - Book Review... ;)

Hello ladies...

If you need something to read, I would so recommend E.L James Fifty Shades Trilogy. I've heard all the excited whispers about the first book - Fifty Shades of Grey and have finally decided to purchase this on kindle.

I downloaded the free version (which gives you up to 2 chapters of the first trilogy) and was about to yawn and give this up for good, when the 'exciting' bits started at the end of the last few free pages..  It really left me hanging and made me extremely curious.

As I was reading this on S's iPad, I got him to purchase the trilogies for me.. and boy!  I think S would agree it's the best £ he has spent on books.. *cough* ;)  It's only £8.99 on Amazon UK.

If you are curious about BDSM or just need a 'light' read before bedtime do.. do.. do.. give this a try.  I never knew you could do... all these things.. with.. *cough*  I mean.. seriously, just give it a read!

Just lock the kids somewhere safe first, so, they wouldn't accidentally walk in on you.. =P

I haven't felt that delightful tingle up and down my spine since... cupcakes and ice creams!  YUM!! =D