Sunday, July 1, 2012

We are now in Lund! Bad Hilton!! =P

Bye Bye Malmö...  We were there for a week, but it was a chore rushing to our class in Lund every morning as class starts at 9am each day.

Our routine consist of waking up late, rush down for breakkie and me stuffing breakkie into my bag.. a mad rush to the train station... and then.. a mad rush to school!

So, we have moved!  and are in Lund now!!  Here's to late morning wake ups! and a slow stroll to school!  Who's betting we will still be late every morning? ;)

Brings me back memories when I used to work in Melbourne where we used to live in the city, which was 3 blocks away from work!  I was late practically every morning.. haha shocking =P

p/s  I find it extremely hard recommending the Hilton in Malmö...  For starters, there is no lounge room, which means no free drinks or nibblies throughout the day and no lovely free canapes in the evening.. on top of that I got bitten by something all over my face, my neck .. and some marks on my feet .. and a couple on my body and after 2 nights (where bite marks were spreading) we complained and got moved to another room (which was smaller than our original room), one of the reception person was quite rude when we approached them the next day, asking how it went and when we could move to another room similar to our original room.  Her response was..  "There was nothing wrong with the room.  We had the expert came and did treatment and nothing was found".  The look and the tone insinuated that I was making shit up.  I was mighty pissed off.  At least the itchy little dots have stopped appearing.. but the old ones are still around ;(

You suck big time, Hilton!! (although some staff are pretty friendly especially the ground floor restaurant..  Lovely people and so helpful with practicing Swedish with us!)

Anywaz,  have a lovely week!!