Saturday, July 7, 2012

Andres & Gemma's Wedding in Helsingborg...

Last couple of weeks has been quiet for us.  Other than our daily Swedish classes, the only fun thing we did was travelling up north for G&A wedding.  I met Gemma back in 2010 when we both attended Swedish classes at Folkuniversitetet.  She's a lass from Wales while he's Swedish.. =) (They are now honeymooning in Japan.  Lucky ducks!!)

We caught the train from Malmö to Helsingborg and from there, we caught a bus to a small village named Brunnby and we had to walk a bit to get to the venue.  Thankfully I brought a pair of flats with me to walk in.. The venue was at Brunnby Gärd..  A pretty little place, somewhere so remotely far.. It was nearly a 3 hours each way for us to get to from where we were staying! hehe

Helsingborg..  What a pretty city...
Pretty cloudy for during the day

Mr S striking a pose

Walking on the road to get to the hotel

Brunnby Gärd
The bride was pretty in red and looked so giddily happy =)

Her dress was made by her mum... with lots of tulles underneath to make it look puffy!  So cute!

This is where the ceremony will take place...

Champange on arrival

Me, my new hat (which I did the night before) and the gorgeous bride!

Me and the mother of the bride and our fascinators.  She made hers and I made mine.. =D

Lena came all the way from Stockholm to officiate the wedding and this is one of many kisses during the ceremony ;)

Bride outside taking photos with their official photographer..

It's very Pride and Prejudice I thought.. =D

Relatives and the two bridesmaids on the right who flew in from London...

An old wagon sitting in the gardens...

The venue where the wedding was held.. Just behind the main hotel

Guests looking on as the photographer clicks away at the newly weds

One of many photos of S on a date with his phone =PPPP

The groom and his best man.. Far away.. can you see a bathtub?? ;)

Mother of the bride and one of two nieces who attended the wedding..  They flew in from London..

Another one of Mr S, chatting with his GF on the phone =P

The buffet feast..  A mix of Swedish and English food..

Bread rolls are a must!

There's chicken pasta and smoke salmon and cream cheese as well as black caviar

Deviled eggs, fish and chips!!!, fresh beetroots, loads of vegetables...

bacon wrapped figs, stuffed mushrooms and different types of potatoes
Cheesy potatoes..
Delicious Roast beef and jus..  These were my favourite!!!!

Table setting..

The lovely high wooden ceiling...

A little bit of everything on my plate!!  The yorkshire pudding was yummy!!!  

and Trifles for dessert.. and muffins...

I opted for the trifle and a couple of figs!

Cake cutting..

White chocolate sponge cake.. yum!!  The red hearts were made from marzipan!

Ahh.. so, these were what's under the bride's tulles all the time.. British heels!!  How cute!
Sitting for a a chat with her bridesmaids and a couple of her guests

The lovely Annette and Jimmy..  The couple we were chatting with throughout the night