Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SYTYCD - Season 9 - Cole Horibe - New Obsession??

I have to say I have not been that into SYTYCD until recently.. S is usually the one watching all those episodes season after season and I'll pop my head near his laptop or look up when he plays them on TV.. but other than that, I had no interest whatsoever...

but noone has captured my attention so much as ... Cole Horibe...  Either than that he's really nice looking.. Think Keanu Reeves and Brandon Lee looks/martial arts.  He seems really sweet too in all his interviews and his movements are so powerful and so beautiful to watch!

I have to say I was mighty disappointed that I could not see him at all in any of the videos in Vegas.  They did do a lot of show time on Alexa Anderson though. (she's really beautiful, very Blake Lively..)

So, I'm terribly terribly excited that Cole is in the top 20s!  There's also an Australian in the top 20!  So proud!!  Considering the Australian version of SYTYCD is soooo bad, I cringed everytime I watch them on TV... but seriously.. Cole all the way!!!

Look at how powerful he looks.. oh boy... *fans self*

I'm quite embarassed to say, I'm following him on Facebook as well as Twitter.. Obsessed much? haha.. S has been rolling his eyes at me whenever I start watching him on SYTYCD on YouTube and found out he has his own YouTube account..  So.. Well.. You get the picture..

Anyhow good luck Cole!!! Xx



shush.. stop laughing =P