Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That long Easter Weekend... Deep Fried Ice Cream

Long Easter weekend... of course it's all about food from myself of town.  We went all the way to Täby , which is all the way up north from where we are.  Apparently, it's the 'Toorak' of Stockholm.  They are a bunch of S's work colleagues and their family...

Lovely place.. so peaceful and quiet... and it snowed as well.. but there were lots of sunshine....  Love their new built house =)

We brought battered up ice cream (for deep fried ice cream!)..  Imagine how panicky we were, as they need to be seriously frozen before you can deep fry them!

As I was asked to provide a recipe...   Here we go!  I hope it makes sense...

I've only made this once before, probably over 10 years ago, so, this has been a while!

To make my version of deep ice cream, these are the ingredients:

  • 2 Litres of vanilla ice cream (make sure they are good quality)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 egg
  • breadcrumbs/biscuits crumbs (I used marie biscuits)
  • dessicated coconut
  • cinnamon
  • pinch of sugar
  • vegetable oil for deep frying
Scooping them into balls of ice cream.  Check out some of my ingredients in the background! ;)

What I do is make sure that the ice cream is solidly frozen before you start making them into balls.  Then put them straight into the freezer

Make sure you line whatever you use with baking paper as my ice cream got stuck onto that chopping board =P

Secondly, I emptied half a packet of marie biscuits into a plastic bag and proceed to beat the crap out of it, until I get crumbs.  I then sifted them to get really fine crumbs (To be honest, I don't think it matters, as I ran out of the fine crumbs half way, and ended up using pieces of little crumbs as substitute..  They all went pretty quick) into a bowl.

Secondly, in a separate bowl, mix the flour, water and egg together until you get a thick batter.  Put in a pinch of sugar and season it with the cinnamon.  Put this aside.

In another bowl,  sprinkle a tablespoon or two of dessicated coconut.  If not enough, you can keep adding more.

Now, bring out your balls of ice cream again and roll them one by one.   First into the batter, roll it to make sure it's coated.  Then roll the ice cream into the crumbs and make sure it's coated all the way, and lastly, roll it through the dessicated coconut.

Repeat until all the ice creams are done.  Then quickly put them all into the freezer and freeze them for at least 24 hours.  Why?  Because the ice cream need to be solidly frozen as you'll be deep frying them in very very hot oil!

Finished rolling your ice cream and have left over ice cream?  No fear, just dump them into your root beer.. and voila.. you'll get root beer float.. *burps*

The lunch was lovely.  There were lamb chop (so yummy!!!), baked salmon (which I think is the only Swedish item on the menu hehe), potato salad (potato, dried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese...), garden salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and melon pieces) and sauce for the lamb and salmon..
A little bit of this and that on my plate.  My favourite was this sauce for the salmon.  It's a creamy sauce with dill, salmon roe and little shrimps.  Was so yummy, I could drink it.. =)
Then we start deep frying the solidly frozen ice cream, one at a time
To fry the ice cream (again, make sure the ice cream is solidly frozen), heat up the vegetable oil until it's very hot and deep fry each one individually for 5 seconds - Really quick!  Basically, in and out!  The batter will turn golden brown and crispy.  Don't put it in for too long or the ice cream will start melting..

3 ways of knowing when oil is hot enough:

  1. Once the oil starts bubbling, use a wooden spoon/chopstick, dip into the oil and if the oil bubbles quickly, it's hot enough.  But, if very few bubbles pop up, it's not hot enough.  Just wait for a tad longer
  2. Drop a kernel of popcorn into the oil as you heat it.  Once the temperature is around 350 - 360 degrees, the kernel will pop!  Time to start some deep frying!
  3. Drop a cube of bread into the oil, if it rises straight to the surface, it's ready!

Voila!  Nice and golden brown on the outside, it should still be frozen in the inside.  Serve this with syrup.  We used pancake syrup and everyone seems to love it! =)  You can serve them with fresh cut fruits as well..

There were also a lovely and moist carrot cake with cream frosting at the top for dessert.. yumm!  but this post is about the deep fried ice cream.. so, here you go!! =)


p/s Don't forget to do at least 100 push ups straight after ;)