Friday, April 20, 2012

Restaurang TVÅ

Restaurang TVÅ
Rörstrandsgatan 9A, 
113 40, 

Myself and a friend were here on Wednesday night.  Did you know you could book via this website - Bookatable and the best part is, there seems to be some sort of specials when you book via this website!  Well, I didn't know.. and now I do! =)

Restaurant Two has a cozy interior and everything is quite dimply lit here.  I'm not sure about most people, but I really hate eating in the dark.  I don't care that dimly lit lights = romantic illusions, where it also enhances people's features and make the average person appear drop dead gorgeous..  I just dislike not being able to see what I eat!

Anyhow, the meals were pretty average, but quite cheap for Stockholm standard.  If you book via the above website, there's a special menu which entitles you to a 3 course meal for 239KR.  You get 2 choices for each course.  For entree, it's either a salad or shrimp toast (really popular here in Sweden) and main was either chicken or salmon and dessert was either sorbet or chocolate truffle 

Starter:  Thickly cut mozarella and tomatoes, with tiny olives and loads of olive oil and basil..  I thought it was quite large for an entree.. and Althea thought the dish was way too oily..  I guess they were too liberated with the olive oil ;)
Main:  'Baked' Salmon fillet with potatoes and vegetables.  I thought the skin folded in half was quite weird..
I flipped the skin back and realised why it has been flipped.. The skin was BADLY BURNED!  No wonder the whole place is so dimly lit.  Another reason why I hate eating in the dark.  You couldn't see what you are eating!!
Tiny little truffle chocolate.. I thought this was the best tasting lot!!  Now I wish they had serve this in a larger amount!
The lemon sorbet was sooooo refreshing.. 

All in all, again for 239KR for a 3 course, it's quite cheap, but the food was not too impressive and the service was slow.  I doubt I'll be back, unless I'm on the prowl for more cheap eat!

The company and the dessert was definitely the highlight for me!  =)