Monday, April 23, 2012

Model Photography Meetup.. Therese and lit' Erik

Saturday fun!  Despite the cold, we had a blast.  Again, I'm so glad we had Therese as our model!  She's one brave lady who never complained about the cold and happily pose for us wherever we asked her to.

Her little boy, Erik sure adds character to the shots!  What do you think?

The pigeon managed to have a shot!  This is just at the Hotorget Square

"What can I do?"  Little Erik was running around her in circles on the stairs

She models like a pro.. and to think she told us she hated pictures!

I love how she was enjoying the sunshine here for a few seconds..

Beautiful tree..

This might be a bit 'blue' don't you think?  I think I stuffed this up slightly

A gust of wind gave this shot a bit of 'fun' =)

Our brave lady, braving the cold wet ground!  Thankfully, she came with her own blanket ;)

She's quite a beautiful lady, isn't she? =)

Therese and lit' Erik.  Look at his cheeky face!

Mother and Son mucking around

<3  Such genuine love for each other..

He's sooo cheeky! =)

Gorgeous..  What a matching pair!!