Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakfast ... with pop tarts!!

I found these little beauties at our local ICA where they had a section for American products e.g.  A&W root beer (*does a dance*), all those grotesquely sweet chocolates which I used to love, but thankfully do not crave... and pop tarts!!!

I remembered these back in Australia, but it's been a while since I last consumed them.  There were strawberries, chocolates, blueberries and some other flavour which I could not remember.

Blueberry Toaster Tarts - not really pop tarts, but they have to taste similar right???

I bought a box home and hours later, when I was unpacking my grocery, S caught be caressing the box.. Whoops

So, was majorly excited when I decided to have these for breakfast this morning......  They came in individually wrapped silver foils.  2 tarts in each foil..

Seriously, WTF are these??
Had them toasted lightly and made sure they did not burn... and when I took a bite.. I couldn't really comprehend what I actually had in my mouth..  It took 3 - 4 bites before I decided not... like... these... one... bit!!!

A few words sprang to mind..  Cardboard like... fowl tasting.. sweet... but in an awful way.. and the beautiful gooey middle shown on the box is VERY misleading..  I could not finish the first tart, but I ended up forcing myself to eat it, and had to hide the other tart in the bin.  How could beautiful sugary goodness become so so bad... ="(

So, whatever you do... DO NOT EVER BUY THESE!!  I'm not sure if the other flavours are just as bad, but these are just particularly awful

Now, I have to find a way of disposing the rest of them without S knowing.. *cries*