Monday, April 30, 2012

Burlesque Market, Cherry Blossoms.. OMG! So many things happening here!

Have I ramble on enough about how I can't wait for summer??  

Weekend was quite eventful.  We watched Avengers (yes!!  It's definitely as good as all the reviews out there are saying!  Lots of action as well as humour!  Don't forget to sit there until after the credits have rolled.. as you'll get a little surprise...  We didn't this time, and I'm still kicking myself!)

I've also checked out a Burlesque Market (burlesque, vintage, retro) in Slussen with a friend but we were hugely disappointed.  We were promised performers, lots of bargains and door prizes.  But for 50KR per person, we left with nothing!  The venue was a little overcrowded, and the stage is inside a room, with no windows and when there's a crowd in there..  The smell of BO and the heat was enough to send me back out into the cold!  There was a little refreshment bar, with drinks, yummy croissants, cake slices and rolls, but they were sitting out in the open.. in the overcrowded venue.. I'm sorry to say, I was a little put off from buying..

We only stayed for an hour or so, waiting for the draw, which starts at 2pm and then we left.  So so so disappointed.  The whole area is poorly lighted.  I know they were just in theme with the Burlesque world, but if I can't see what I'm buying, I will not be buying, no matter how much we are encouraged to bargain.  I think there is only a change room, and lots of people were squashed at this 'dead end' trying on clothes..  The good thing about the market is some people were in theme..  (buyers and sellers alike) Gorgeous gorgeous makeup and costumes..  Loads of corsets wearing and lycra mini skirts.  Loads of hair pieces as well!  I wish I have taken more photos!  

One of the sellers.. She's tiny and so cute and looks absolutely gorgeous.. I think she's in some sort of vintage like swim wear, with fish net!  <3
Long post, if you are still interested in reading, click below ;)

We continued our day, by taking a stroll from Slussen to Kungsträdgården, or King's Garden and boy!  The cherry blossoms are blooming

A little bit about Kungsträdgården..  It's one of Stockholm's tourist attraction.  It's a huge free park where locals and tourists alike gather about during the Spring/Summer months.  Here you can have a picnic, meet up for a coffee, have a bite to eat and just enjoying the lovely warm weather.  I have to say it can get somehow overcrowded at times, but it's such a happy place, and when the sun is shining, everyone is ubber friendly.

I think late April/early May is when the cherry blossoms start to bloom and this usually last for a week or so, and it's so gorgeous to behold.. All those pink flowers!!

There were so many people in the park already.  Little dogs, parents with prams, children etc were everywhere, loads of photo snapping and we were pretty sure we were in someone's photos on that day!

Hello little fur ball!

Beautiful pink blooms all above

So much pink!  Loving it!

The square where people were just sitting down enjoying the sun and still rugged up as it's still pretty cold

That's me!!  Still with my scarf on.. Brrr!!
How pretty are they?!
As you can see, two rows of pink surrounding the square

Then it was tea time, at NK (a departmental store) for some raspberry mousse and soy hot chocolate for me ;)

Yummy!  Friend had a sort of vanilla slice with loads of almonds at the top!

Then another stroll back to Kungsträdgården to sit under the shade as well as enjoying the sun

Where I took more pictures

and watch people playing chess

and I managed to capture this friendly little dog.. He's sooooo cute!  and tried to jump into my arms when I kneeled down to take his picture

Seriously.. How cute is he?!

That's me being silly!  Check out the new nail polish shade!  It's like a sea green.. So spring, don't you think??!

More cherry blossoms

and the man himself joined in

 and then a huge chinese buffet dinner at T-Centralen, it's a stroll back to the next subway!

Gorgeous scenery.. I never get tired of all these buildings and water..

Mucked around with our phones

Being silly!

It got quite chilly, especially when the sun is setting... but I just love sunset, don't you?

Walked past a chocolate shop, with loads of chocolates on display.. and.. tiramisu!

Past Gamla Stan T Bana

Walking towards the next island..

Around Slussen.. This is near where the Hilton is..

Slussen T Bana!

 What a busy and tiring day!  Seriously, can't wait for proper summer where you could do even more things!  YAY!!!