Sunday, April 22, 2012

Model Photography on the weekend..

Brrr..  The weather is driving me insane.  It's not just cold, but wet as well.  Come on, Stockholm.. Give us a bit of sunshine here.. I'm dying for some real Spring/Summer weather.

Had an awesome time on the weekend and went to my first Photography Meetup.  There were approximately 20 of us.  We broke into 3 groups as there were 3 models who decided to join us.  My group had an older woman with her very young son and his pram.  I'm so glad we got her, as the photos turned out great..

I have to say...  Wandering around with heavy coats (I was wearing 3 layers) and a scarf with a heavy SLR camera is actually quite tiring.. but the result was so worth it!  Kudos to her as she braved the cold, wearing a dress during the shoot, and her little heels!

Here's a sneak peak of what I took.  I'll post more up once I've got the OK from her.. =)

This is the stairs near Hotorget..  Love this.  I've never really noticed it.  Makes really great backdrop!

The little kid was quite mischievous.. Once he saw these steps...

He was OFF.. Running all the way up!

Stopped for a little breather...

The cute little face

On the verge of running off again...

Until his mum came running...

Phew!  I wasn't going to run all the way up there to get him!  Not with 3 layers of clothing and a scarf!

We even went to a park.. and I got this little pug to run towards me.  He sure can run!!  So cute!

Was a huge park...   The sun came and went.. but it was still soooo cold!!

Until next time..