Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding in Bali..

I know it's been over a week since we have returned from Bali, but I can't seem to stop writing about how great that place is as we descend into winter.

Here's some lovely shots of the wedding.  The food was quite tasty, but unfortunately, I do not like eating in the dark and it was quite dark and I couldn't see my food.. =(  :

The groom walking in

Gorgeous flowers

Aren't they sooooo cute!!!

Too many cuteness here..

The bride in her Vera Wang dress.. *droools*

Gorgeous dress

Flowers lining up the pathways

The room with a spectacular view..

Reception area..  Pity about the clouds (there were drizzle on and off, but it's all good in the end)

Waiting area where we wait for dinner (while the bridal parties and their relatives were having their tea ceremony)

Table centrepiece


Check the wet plate from the drizzle

Husband and wife's entrance

Slideshows of the two of them travelling together

Plated entree - Clockwise from the top left:  Karedok - salad with peanut tamarind sauce, Crisp Lumpia with ginger citrus sauce, Lemper - sticky rice with chicken dumpling

Garden dinner..

That's me with the bride!  Check out my fascinator which I wrote in my previous post hehe...  I know the shawl was a bit much, but my dress turned out to be too short and the top was too loose, so, I had to have something to cover myself up

Melted party favor..  Due to the slight rain and the humidity, the sugared almonds were melting.. quite gross.. =x

Speech by the best man.. After his speech I wonder if they are even friends.  One of the nastiest speech ever.. 

Main was spectacular but we were advised this is not the traditional wedding food.  The food served were mainly served during celebrations...

Main - Gorgeous array of colours!  Right in the middle is nasi tumpeng, which is the yellow rice.  Surrounding the rice is:  Bebek Tutu (Balinese smoked duck), Be Nyuk (Balinese shredded roasted chicken in spiced coconut cream), Tempe Baceam (marinated Javanese soy bean cake), Perkedel Kentang (potato fritters), Telor Dadar (Javanese omelette), Kacang Panjang Kalasan (long beans with coconuts and spices

Red Chilli Prawns - prawns with mild chilli paste

Sate Ayam - Chicken Satay with peanut sauce

Rendang Sapi - beef long - simmered in sumatran spices and coconut milk

Guest of honour of the table gets the best part - the top of the rice!

 Groom and bridal table

One of two speeches by the bridesmaids


Creme Brulee (the best among all.. maybe cause it's only one tiny spoonful.. ;( )

The birthday cakes..  Two birthdays on that day.  The bride and one of the flower girl

France & Indonesia (the groom's French and the bride's Indonesian)

Singing the birthday song - in English, French..

Sooo cute, the facial expression!

Blowing the candles

The wedding cake and cupcakes

Big Smooch

First dance..

Aftermath... ouch!

That's it about Bali!  Honest!!

Have a lovely weekend!