Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pelikan Restaurant - Home styled Swedish meals

I thought with this post, I'll post some pictures of some of the places we love to frequent.

If we happen to have a craving for traditional Swedish home styled meals, we tend to head over to Pelikan Restaurant and try either their herrings (entree) or meatballs.  Please bare in mind that the meatballs are HUGE and if you order an entree, you might not be able to finish it up!

One of Stockholm's oldest, popular and finest restaurant, it has such cozy atmosphere and a great place to bring our guests from overseas and introduce them to some of the more traditional meals.. (I love the interiors and the high ceilings and large windows)

Pelikan Restaurant
Blekingegatan 40  
116 62 Stockholm


One of the many faces of S.. This is... Saaaad..

Now, he's happy... It's actually more like.. Hurry up and take your goddamn picture grin.. =)

Myself and an ex colleague of mine from FSA, London.  She was here with her husband..

Serious looking face...  He sure can't live without his phone!

Blow fish S

Man, he sure can carry plates.  I could barely stack two tiny pile on one hand during my peak years working at the Convention Centre back in Brisbane and Melbourne!

The large windows...

Typical starter..  Something to whet the appetite..  Warm bread and crackers with butter.. Yum!

Entree:  Smoked baltic herring on rye bread with beetroots, capers, onion, roe and egg yolk - 106SEK.  I didn't try this but my friend's husband had a go and there wasn't even a crumb on the plate.  He loved it! =)

All four of us had the meatballs:  Pelikan's meatballs with cream sauce, gherkins and lingonberries - 182SEK.  

It's quite a huge servings as the meatballs (all 4 of them) are quite large compared to other places' meatballs.  The sauce is delicious and the meatballs are proper lean meat.  Comes with creamy potatoes.. This is what I call a proper meal.. ;)

We were warned by the waiter that most people can barely finish two meatballs.  Our table, most of us managed to finished 3 meatballs...

Cept for... yep.. You guess it!  ME!!  I polished every morsel on my plate...  

Needless to say, after lunch, I was wobbling out of the restaurant... and I was still full come dinner time, which was 5 hours later..

Go me!  *oink*