Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas and New Year in Oz... and little hairclips for the little ones

Yipppeeee!!!  Less than 2 weeks before we fly back to Australia.  I really can't wait to soak in all the sunshine during those few months!

Bring it on!

On another note, I've made these for my little nieces.  4 each!  That solves me having to find them Christmas pressies..  Yep!  I'm broke.. but these little critters took a while to make.  Lots of love poured into them.. ehehe..

They are little flower hair clips made from satin ribbons.  Each sewn with a little rhinestone except for the roses.  Each has either a wavy leaf or two little leaves attached.  Just realised there's only one rose among them.  Whoops!

Hope we all had a good weekend!