Monday, November 21, 2011

Handmade Hair Accessories, fascinator.. for sale for sale!

Guess who's been a busy bee?  Well.. welcome to my Spring/Summer collections!  One of a kind hair accessories!

Now, I just need to get them listed online somewhere...

3 different types of hairbands..

I love the pink one the best.. it's 3 roses (1 big and 2 small) with sparkles in the middle of each of them..  Was so fun creating them! =)

These are hairclips as well as brooches (2 for the price of one! ;) ) .. Most flowers have some sparkles in the middle..  Most are made from satin ribbons.  The purple and the red and black flowers have goose feathers attached.  The green/red brooch has ostrich feathers attached.

This is actually white and is similar to the pink hairband I have above, except this one has a comb instead.. (and of course the added white rooster feathers) - Rhinestones in the middle.  The biggest is 1.9cm x 1.9cm

Last but not least, this is another fascinator I've made..  This one is made with sinamay base and the flower is made of white goose feathers and a sparkly rhinestone in the middle (approx 2.4cm) with a veil..  Attached to a black velvet band as well as elastic for double security.  I think this would be fabulous on the bride to be..

and here's how it looks worn!  I really need to get myself a mannequin head so I can show case my stuff properly..

Feedbacks please?  Would really love to hear what you think of them..