Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dining out.. Bali style..

I've been busy since I came back from our Bali trip.  Lots of sewing and gluing..  Slowly and steadily.. =)

Anyhow, I've just realised there were no mention at all about food *gasp* *horror* in Bali.  So, here it is!

Balinese food is fresh and simply quite fabulous, not to mention quite cheap as well (if you eat outside the hotel that is!), but not to be biased or anything..  I have to say Malaysian food is a lot better, especially food in Penang.  Maybe my palate is biased.. =D

Firstly, I thought I should start with food.... from the plane...  I was accidentally booked on premium economy & business on the way there, so I was not complaining..  at... all!!

Entree was mozarella salad.  The bottom left is herring (the Swedish aspect - We flew Thai Airways from Stockholm to Bangkok.. hehe) with sweet chilli prawns as well as some cheese dip thing in the cherry tomato)

The main wasn't too appetizing.  Was fried rice with some sort of beef...

Fruit and cheese platter

as well as a slice of chocolate cake..  Waaaay too much food I thought!.. and this is only premium economy!

Breakfast was pretty mild, just the normal mini frankfurters, mushroom and omelette...

We were spoilt for choice at our hotel, Uma Ubud.  Firstly, the refreshing juice brought into our rooms when we arrived to freshen us up.. and not to mention a bottle of Indonesian wine (which I thought was weird..  Who would have thought wine was made here in Indonesia!! ;) )

Fresh citrus juice..

Breakfast, we were definitely spoilt for choice, at least 10 different types of dishes to choose from, which they cook fresh for you..

Breakie, breakie, where forth art thou?

At 6.30am (yes, I was jet lagged), there weren't anyone around..

Some special juice of the day, vaguely remembered tasting watermelon in there somewhere..

Tea anyone?

A platter of fruit to start us off... Pawpaws, watermelon, pineapple, jackfruit, star fruit, mango, and something which taste like passion fruit (but I don't think it's passion fruit).  

Nasi lemak ahhh... *dies*  Coconut rice with beef rendang, some green beans, fried anchovies, fried chicken and some corn fritters.  So rich and so early in the morning!

I had curry laksa two breakfasts in a row..  all those rich coconut milk going straaaight to my hips!

S looking at me in amazement while I got ready to dig into my food!

Spoil sport was having egg whites and sausage while I gobble up my coconut rich feast.. hehe

Another good place to try is Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) where we had their famous duck, which I had to say were damn tasty!  If you do happen to be in Ubud, please do give it a try.

The duck was so crispy and tasty..

Accompanied by bean sprouts

sourish spicy side dish (lots of chilli, onions, lime)

and we musn't forget the belacan..  *drools*

Another place we tried was at the Boneka @ St Regis Hotel (which was over an hour drive from our hotel, on the other side of Bali)..  The hotel was magnificent, I wish we could stay there one day, but with starting price from US1k per night, that will be a long time coming!...

We came all the way for the buffet lunch which did not disappoint..

We noticed there were a lot of couples here where the men were a lot older (and white), while the wives were young and asian appearance... =p  I'm just saying...

The roast beef were so tender and juicy...

There were so much food to choose from at the buffet (as well as able to order dishes from their breakfast menu)..  I had melon with crabsticks, peking wrapped rolls and fish on cold soba noodles

There were wanton noodle soup with char siu and chicken

All you can drink

Congee ( I love love love congee!!)

even mee rebus with complimentary hair to boot...

No, I'm serious, there was a piece of hair sticking in there...  Needless to say, the dish remain untouched on our table.. ;P

Freshly made for you at the counter - pikelets with black fish roe

The lobster omelette was to die for.  You'll need to order it and it's freshly made for you.  Definitely must try!

There were SO SO SO much dessert to choose from, but I couldn't eat anymore, and only managed to picked a few items - Chocolate mousse, some weird tasting jelly, macaroons and chocolate dipped strawberries!

After indulging ourselves for 4 nights, guess what our last meal was before leaving for the airport...

Colonel Katsu.. seriously, what the???

 Yep!  KFC!!!... but it was weird, instead of fries, it came with.... RICE!!!  and we had to pay extra to change it to fries... =P

What can I say... cept *burps*  Thanks for the lovely food, Bali!