Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why do some jokes and insults hurt more than others?

Why do we laugh and shrug when someone jokes or insults us? Why do we get so hurt at other times?

Jokes and insults are usually uttered at the spur of the moment.  Usually in anger or in jest.  Unfortunately for all parties involved, once the hurtful words are uttered carelessly, they will never be forgotten.

For me, I've had jokes and insults thrown at me and for the most part I shrug and laugh it off but I realised being called a pushover or anything resembling a doormat hurts the most.

Which brings me to some questions I have been asking myself.  Why do fat people hate being called fat? Why do losers hate being called a loser and why do pushovers hate being called just that? 


Because there is always some truth in whatever jokes/insults aimed at us and we as a human are sensitive to our own faults.

So, from now onwards, I'll have to learn to say "no" more often and stop being overly generous to everyone I meet and stop accepting things as the way they are. It's better to walk away from a situation early on instead of regretting them later on.  Yes!  That lingering bitter taste in my mouth when I realised I have been used - Not a very nice feeling at all!

Sheesh... What a heavy topic to dwell on for a Monday, especially on my holiday ;)

So, here's to images of rainbows and puppies filling every corner of our thoughts for the rest of the week! =)