Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eating in Berlin.. Burgers? Kebabs? Steaks? Nom.. Nom...

Berlin is definitely a place to eat and drink without going over your budget!  We had a late dinner at a shack opposite our hotel on our first night and checked out a popular kebab and burger joint.  The only fancy place we actually ate was at the hotel for breakfast and veal schnitzel on our last day =)

Alcohol is so unbelievable cheap, I was so tempted in just drinking them instead of water. Unfortunately, that would have ruin our trip =(

Romanisches Cafe, Waldorf Astoria Berlin
Romanisches Cafe
Waldorf Astoria Berlin
Hardenbergstrasse 28BerlinBE  10623Germany 

The Romanisches Cafe is simply quite gorgeous.  We had breakfast here everyday.  It's nice and quiet which is perfect to start the day.  They have quite a lovely selections of cakes and cheese as well as daily lunch special.

I love how I had a sand timer to advise me when it's time to start drinking my tea..  Fancy, much?
Poached egg.  Runny and gooey, but unfortunately the vinegar taste was too much for my liking ;(

One for you, one for me <3 td="">
Our Berlin platter (fruits, cheese and cold cuts)
Comes with croissants and bread rolls
Love the fresh fruits..

Lunch:  Veal schnitzel with potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and cranberry sauce
Lovely selection of cakes
and cheese... 
Snuck a lovely blueberry cheesecake with gold flake into my room =D

Mustafa's Gemuse Kebab
Mehringdamm 3210961 BerlinGermany (Kreuzberg)

Doner:  €3.20
Vegetarian:  €2.80
Durum:  €4.80

A friend of mine from Stockholm suggested we should try out this kebab place while in Berlin and not surprisingly S has already had this place in mind to take us to (He loves his kebabs and burgers =P )

The queue didn't look very long.  We were warned it'll take us around 30minutes and I actually thought maybe it was just an exaggeration.  Unfortunately, it ended up taking us over 1 hour as people queuing up in front of us had friends coming and going throughout the time we were waiting ;P

S was tempted to just try out the Curry 36 which is just a few steps away as it's quite popular as well. But we ended up just waiting for our kebab as we did come all the way here for the kebab!

Just outside of the Mehringdamm station.  Opposite a hostel
Queuing up
Queue didn't look very long... 
Curry 36 is just down there 
I like how the meat are not sliced until they are nice and truly brown
Check out the prices at the top..  Not very expensive is it?? 
Range of condiments for your kebab
S's kebab - minus all the cooked vegetables.. What a bad boy!
The kebab consist of salad (cucumber, tomatoes, onions, lettuce etc), feta, meat and vegetables (potatoes, eggplants, zucchini etc) and 3 different types of sauces.  S refused the vegetables as he hated eggplants and zucchini *sigh*  According to him, he had better as he wasn't keen on the feta in his kebab.  But the price is unbelievable and the serving is HUGE!  I could only eat about 1/2 of mine... ;x

Quite tasty =)

The Bird
Am Falkplatz 510437 BerlinGermany

Another place which I thought was worth checking out was, The Bird.  S loves the burger here and made us trek over 1/2 hour walk to get here as we got lost (the nearest train station was actually 10 minutes or so away!)  Burgers and me?  Hmm.. Not such a beautiful harmonious marriage.. but steak? Yep! =)  Juicy and succulent and best of all, free wi-fi! 

Hiding inside from the heat
S ordered the burger (I had a bite and boy, the mince was so juicy and tender, and the cheese were melting away)..  

300g of medium meat (so tender!!) with homemade sauce in a snapple bottle.  Love the spinach as there's quite a bit of it...

I managed to eat half of my steak and S gobbled the other half up.. hmm.. the fries on the other hand were very underwhelming...

First night - Don't break the piggy bank!  A bottle of water and chicken and veg stir fried noodles in a box set us back €4.50 while a couple of curry wurst and a bottle of beer was less than €5.  All for less than €10!
 First time trying curry wurst... and I have to say ...  They are pretty disgusting.  Not really a big fan. Perhaps we are eating them at the wrong place but S seems to enjoy them.  It's just deep fried sausages with sprinkled curry powder and drowned with tomato sauce/gravy.  ;(  Not really my cup of tea.  Especially with the generous amount of tomato sauce/gravy they pour onto the poor sausage.  They usually come with a bread roll, which is good for soaking the gravy/sauce with, I guess =P

Had a snack at the park...  This time we asked them to be less generous with the sauce/gravy..  
Some random French cafe.. I had the omelette which was waaaay too thick.. I like mine thin...  I think I ate at least 3 eggs in mine.. eek!
Enjoying our ice cream cone in the hot hot sun! =)
Oven baked cheesy jalapeno pizza thingie from the market

Anyway, happy eating!