Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Handmade Watermelon Pram.. Perfect for a baby shower

Was uploading some photos and found some of these from a few weeks back.  Thought would be fun to put some photos up =)

Baby in a pram, a.k.a. Fruit bowl!  It is actually a lot easier than it looks.  I actually didn't believe it will be quite this easy, but got some assurance from a friend who loaned me her knife and a coffee scooper for my craft.  Thanks!!  =)

Anyway, all you need are these items:

*  Longish watermelon (I had to made do with a rounded size)
*  1 Wooden skewer (for drawing on the watermelon)
*  Toothpicks (use them to prop the head and wheels and for the eyes)
*  A not too sharp knife (Trust me..  Don't get a blunt or too sharp... I had a deep nick with a not too sharp knife.. I'm a klutz like that!)
*  Melon scooper (to scoop those flesh into balls.  If you don't have a melon scooper, use a coffee scoop.. or just use a spoon and scoop out those darn flesh)
*  Spoon (to scoop all those flesh out)
*  Pacifier

Fruits such as:
*  Green and red grapes
*  Cherries
*  Strawberries
*  Physallis 
*  Small honeydew/rockmelon (for the baby's head.  I couldn't find a rockmelon, had to made do with a honeydew) 
*  Blueberries (at least 2 for the eyes)
*  An orange (4 slices - Make sure they are slightly thick)
*  Basically any fruits which are in season! 

First find your watermelon and cut the bottom off (so, it could stand firmly by itself)
Next step was drawing on it with a skewer..  I decided to put a heart on the handle, I'm a romantic like that ;)

Then, off you go with the knife.  It's a lot easier to poke and then cut with the knife as the mark left by the wooden skewer is quite visible
Looks like a blood bath, aye? =)
But hey!  Do you like the scallops around the pram?  It's quite sturdy as well, cos the bottom is evened out
Back view..  That's the handle area
The final product.  Skinned the little honeydew head.  Used toothpicks so the blueberries could stick as the eyes.  Cut a little hole for the mouth so you could poke the pacifier in.  Scatter some fruits (watermelon and honeydew/rockmelon) inside the pram.  Then, prop the head onto the fruits in the pram.  With the head, just use a couple of skewers at the back into the watermelon husk so, it could sit up slightly
Have a friend help you scatter all the fruits around the pram.  
We added the orange wheels with a toothpick so they could stand upright
Looks like a baby in pram surrounded by flowers..

Had quite a fun time making it!  Have a lovely week!