Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 different types of herbs for different meats

Was in London recently and was at the flower market with a friend when I saw this sign.  Took a photo of it as I thought it'll be extremely informative and useful.  I get confused with what meat I could marry some of the herbs to.. =)

Herbs herbs herbs....
A close up version
In case you still can't read it, here's the written version ;)  Keep in mind, this is for the Western palate.  I'm sure the Asian palate has loads more! =)

Fish - Dill, Bronze fennel, Bush basil, Parsley Giant Italian
Chicken - French Tarragon, Sage, Orange Thyme, Lemon Grass
Lamb - Mints, Rosemary, Oregano, Winter Savory
Pork & Beef - Lemon Coriander, Parsley Curied, Horseradish, Common Thyme

I find lemongrass goes pretty well with beef too.  I've cooked beef with lemongrass for my Vietnamese Bun Bo Xao