Friday, July 4, 2014

Waiting game

We have been playing this game since the start of the year. At least with each month we are a few percentile closer to the big question of - Are we or aren't we? At least, since last Thursday, from the other side of the world, it is finally official.. *sigh of relief* Here.. On the other hand, we are still playing the waiting game.

All these thoughts of excitement, (Closer to home! A new scenery! Work!? Hopefully! Food!) fear (prejudice, going back to my roots, somewhat.. Can I find work after a hiatus of at least 3-4 years? I realised I haven't been in a proper office setting in that long and age and experience is no longer on my side...) sadness (not wanting anymore new changes. Have I not planted my roots already?) more fear (what ifs? Maybe all these months have just been a joke and we are all still stuck here) anger (all these are we or aren't we? crap is getting ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!) 

The more I keep thinking about it, the more the muscles around my neck and shoulders start tightening up.. >_<

I still can't talk too much about it unfortunately as not all the appropriate channels have been informed which also means.... More tightening of my muscles ;p

Then, the man is safely home, his fingers entwined in mine, teasing and laughing away my insecurities.  Then, when I'm snuggled deep into his arms, everything is forgiven. All is well. After all, tomorrow is another day..