Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Market in Gamla Stan & Julbord at Mårten Trotzig...

The days are getting shorter and colder, catching the t-bana, you'll noticed lots of red noses and snifflings around...  Damn! The dreaded winter is fast approaching!

It's nearly December and the sky are noticeably darker at around 2 - 2.30pm and I have to start layering my clothing and still manage to fall sick, this is definitely a great time to huddle indoors and enjoy a sip or two of glögg (spiced mulled wine).. Non alcoholic for me of course!

To continue with the Swedish tradition which I'm beginning to enjoy yearly (the other one is of course Midsummer), we got a group of friends (14 of us all) and headed towards Mårten Trotzig for some julbord.  This is my 2nd time having julbord here...  Not surprisingly, I forgot to take pictures of actual people..  Whoops!

What is Julbord?  It is a Swedish smörgåsbord, which is basically the traditional Christmas feast here in Sweden.  In my humble opinion though, Swedish food is pretty.. hmmm.. boring!  Salty but very boring.  They have the same type of food for every big festival.. e.g. Christmas, Midsummer..  Always consisting of potatoes, herrings, meatballs etc etc...  Although there's some slight addition of mulled wine, cold meat etc..  But hey, in keeping with tradition and experience it, you have to try their julbord..  ;)

Mårten Trotzig
Vasterlanggatan 79 
Gamla Stan
(Julbord here runs from 23 November - 22 December)
Lunch session starts at 12pm - 360kr each + glögg
Dinner 1st session starts at 16:00 (only for 2 hours) - 430kr each + glögg
Dinner 2nd session starts at 19:00 (you could stay till they close up) - 430kr each + glögg

They have great varieties of food such as:

*  Herrings - lots of different flavourings
*  Fish - different ways of cooking fish.  Smoked, poached, cured etc etc
*  Cold cuts - Christmas ham, roast beef, roast turkey, lamb, reindeer, reindeer sausages, moose salami, pork feet, different lots of pates etc etc
*  Salad with different types of dressings
*  Hot dishes - meatballs, sausages, ribs, green peas, mushroom omelet etc etc
*  Cheese & crackers
*  Dessert & Sweets - chocolate cake, fruit salad, mint chocolate, toffee, rice pudding, candy canes, different types of dried fruits and nuts and sauce etc..
But first... since we were in Gamla Stan, we decided to check out the Christmas market!  Go check them out if you happen to be in Gamla Stan

Lots of Swedish goodies for sale
The hubby photobombing!
We managed to buy a few jars of sylt (jam) to take home to Oz 
You get to taste them too.. yum yum!
My little poser!  This was also the first night of the market, hence there were very few people around ;)
After that, we went and met up with 10 other people for julbord...

Your welcoming drink - a little hot mulled wine with raisins and one almond.  It's hot and sooo yummy but I only managed a sip or two from mine .. ;(  Only 1 per person unfortunately!
Awaiting our other friends to turn up
Pretty cozy surrounding
My first serving.. Lots of cold cut meat (elk, boars etc), even a little sausage, a meatball with other types of hot food and cold salad.  I like to live dangerously!  I only managed 2 serves of food before moving towards dessert 
The food were downstairs and it's FREEEEZING cold in this room!  But lots of food here 
All the food were screaming 'Pick me! Pick me!'
Last but not least, my selection of sweets!  Chocolate mint, toffee, dried figs, jellies, heartshaped gingerbread biscuits, chocolate cake with cream!  
 The night was lovely with lots of giggling and gossiping with the girls and we were the last group to leave the restaurant.  The service were surprisingly good, as all they did were clearing plates and take our drink orders ;)

But definitely give this place a try!