Monday, November 18, 2013

Grab some cute Japanese sweets for tea at Minamoto Kitchoan, London

If you love Japanese confectionary, this is a great place to wander into.  They have a few branches in some of the big cities such as: - Tokyo, NY, SFO, Singapore, Shanghai and of course London.  Here in London, it's just located a few steps away from Fortnum & Mason.  I was quite happy to discover this cute little gem.  Great for sampling by buying home or just having them for tea there.

From the outside it looks promising enough, showcasing cute little samples in boxes.  Perfect for souvenirs or as gifts.

Minamoto Kitchen
TEL 44-207-437-3135

Here, they serve 'Wagashi' which is a Japanese sweet filled with natural goodness.  Filled with goodness such as red bean, glutinous rice, powdered rice, sesame, fruits etc.. They go well with hot green tea.  Great chewy texture, this is a lovely healthy snack, although sometimes it can be too sweet for some, hence the hot green tea goes well with it.  Me?  I have a sweet tooth, so, this is just great!

To be honest, I'm not very educated, as they have always been called mochi to me, but you learn different things every day =)

If you do happen to be here, seriously, do sample them in the shop as for each item you bought, they'll serve it to you with a lovely rich hot green tea, which is so well worth it.  There is very limited place for sitting down though.. Perhaps for about 8 people in the corner.  It was also a bit hard communicating with the serving girls as they could barely speak English ;(

I had the rice cake which is covered by soybean and filled with red bean paste, £1.90 while my friend had the rice cake with a whole chestnut and red bean paste inside, £2.20 and with free Japanese green tea each, it was definitely well worth it!  We were like, YAY!  Cheap afternoon tea ;)

Mine was absolutely delicious and I tried buying some back to Stockholm but was advised they were fresh and need to be eaten within a couple of days....  Unfortunately I still had 1 week left in London... Ahh well.. Next time!  Maybe I could freeze them =)

Checking out the window display
Some exciting sweets on display...

We each picked one and got a complimentary tea each =)  Love the powdery texture on mine.. nom nom

Until next time,
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