Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Would you like a milkshake with your pancake?! Pop over to Old Dutch! ;)

Since I'm on a roll with putting up food blog, here's another one from my trip to London last month.

I was meeting up with my 18 year old niece for lunch and suggested she pick a place for lunch but I wasn't sure what to make of it when she got all excited about this pancake place......  I forgot 18 year olds taste buds are totally different to people my age ;)

Anyhow, apparently there's a few of them around and she picked this one at Kensington.  Since she's a regular, she suggested perhaps having the savoury pancakes and a milkshake and since I was running so late, I did not have time to take too long to pick and choose and ended up ordering a vegetarian dish, the asparagus pancake and an oreo milkshake!  *rubs hands with glee*

My Old Dutch Pancake House - Kensington

16 Kensington Church Street 
LondonUK W8 4
 The service was really quick and within minutes, the pancakes were sitting in front of us...

O.M.G... They were huge!!  For a moment I thought I have accidentally ordered a pizza instead

I've totally forgotten that 18 year olds can eat so much and soooo quick!!!  She had the crispy bacon & spinach £9.25.  Isn't she sweet?  This is Jessica, who reminds me so much of my cousin when she was this age.  My cousin is now a mother of 2 and her daughters are about Jessica's age!
Asparagus pancake with spinach, black olives, red onion, mushrooms and cheese (£8.95) and finish that with a glass of oreo milkshake (£3.95)
Look how quickly she finished hers, while I was struggling!!!
Eventually I finished mine... like 15 minutes after her...
Delicious and quite decent priced....  Great for young appetites and taste buds.. but I'm definitely way past that stage.  I believe the days when I could eat as much as I could without suffering any consequences are definitely over!

Happy Pancake Eating!


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