Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Sweden!! ;)

Thanksgiving came and went and left a mark in my heart...  I've never experienced Thanksgiving until I moved to Sweden.  My first thanksgiving was last year, which I thought was quite a lovely experience.

This year, I had my thanksgiving which was hosted by a Chinese Swede and attended by people from the States, Canada, French, Australia, Korea, New Zealand and of course Sweden.  You can't get anymore diverse than this!!  I just love multiculturalism!

Everyone brought some form of dish while the hostess roast her a massive turkey which was so moist and tender!  I even managed to takeaway the carcass home.. SCORE!  *blush*  I'm so bloody asian aren't I? ;)  She also made the stuffing from liver, bread, nuts and all sort of other ingredients and truth be told, I've never enjoyed stuffing this much!  The stuffings were made and roasted in the oven, not inside the bird.. which is good as I hate those wet and soggy stuffings.. *shudders*  Bring me back to my childhood where I was forced to eat stuffings from chickens even when I did not want to.  What's with evil Asian parents who kept saying it's a wastage to throw away food.  I guess I was their dustbin =P

There's potato mash and bread sauce (WTF is bread sauce anyhow?  I've never heard of it, apparently it's British?  I've never had that while leaving in London hehe.  But it's quite interesting and it's thick with the texture of mash potato).  Lots of people brought side dish such as green beans, carrots (whoever brought the carrots was a bit of a tightass, I am sorry to say.  Zero effort and probably just enough to feed 5 mouthful.  Ok.. Enough cattiness for today ;)).. There's even wine and some delicious desserts!

I am extremely thankful for the lovely friends I've made which made life here in this cold dark country bearable and of course my gorgeous, albeit grumpy other half of nearly 1 year!  Cheeeers!

Top cornbread accidentally baked with polenta and bottom with maize flour ;P  They both taste yummy!
Yep!  I'm all ready to rock about town, courtesy of hubby..  ;P 
2 different loaves of cornbread

Cornbread made by moi!

The turkey was enormous..  The picture looks small.. but so moist and juicy!

That's me, enjoying my turkey leg!

There's even a makeup class happening in the corner ;)

Lovely chocolate cake and pumpkin pie!

My.. What do we have here? ;)
Ding Dong!!  Kinda reminds me of Wizard of Oz.. hehe.. in this case, the hostess lies there with exhaustion!
Picture stolen from the hostess!  Group view of everyone! =)

Until next time!