Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our #Halloween Party.. Some #Etiquettes when attending a party..

We had a blast hosting Halloween's 'spooky' themed party at our little place last Saturday.  Somehow we managed to squeeze in 26 or so people.  Imagine that many people and just one tiny bathroom ;)

A BIG thank you to those lovely ladies who helped me with food prep and all the decorations, the bats, carving of pumpkins and of course the lovely red velvet cupcakes with vampire bites!  *MUAH*

It took us a couple of days to clean everything after, with loads of procrastination in between of course!

It was a blast and most of the guests were absolutely fabulous, but for one teeny little problem.  So, here's my list of things which bugged me with misbehaving guest/s!

1.  Early - Do not rock up to a party 1/2 hour early without informing the host, unless of course, you plan to help out with the preparation.  (Swedes are very punctual though!)

2.  Demanding - Coming to our party and gracing us with your presence might make us happy if we really really adore you, but gracing us with your presence when I'm not THAT keen on you to begin with and then heaping demands on us once you put your foot into our apartment.. err.. NO!
      e.g Asking to use the shower and wanting a towel (WTF comes to a party 1/2 hour early so they can take a shower firsthand... ) unless you asked us and have confirmed with us.. err.. NO!  BIGGER  no, especially if we have decorated our guest shower with cobwebs in tune with our party.

3.  Feeding - When the invite states finger food, don't starve yourself and expect 3 course meal waiting for you.  You are early, the hosts are still preparing, don't go poking in the kitchen looking into the pots and asking what's in them as you are starving and you want to eat now.  err...  Queen Sponge??
     So, there you are slurping on the soup when other guests are arriving and we had to pause to reheat your soup (our lunch) for you, so, which means we are behind in getting our food out to the other guests.  Worse was the unfinished soup (as it was too spicy, and which she was warned but she doesn't care). Wastage + extra work in washing her bowl, plate and utensils as the Sponge Queen goes into the bathroom to get dressed.

4.  Costume - Doesn't it feel awkward if everyone at the party is all dressed in costumes and you are not?

5.  Food Attack - Attacking any food that comes out from the kitchen like you haven't eaten for a while, and lubricating yourself up with the fruit punch and then promptly demanded a spoon so you could scoop the fruit salad out from your fruit punch cup and still not getting the hint and demanded for a normal teaspoon as we don't have plastic spoons for the guests =P

6.  + 1 - No, we don't mind you coming with your +1, as long as you inform us before hand.  But asking us after you are fully well fed and well lubricated if you could ask your friend over..  Do we have to feed her/him too? =P  The answer is NO!! =P

7.  Bored? -  Looking bored and sitting on the couch with your headphones on and laughing while watching something on your phone.

I could list a few other things, but I had a lot of good memories from the night.  All the costumes were crazy fantastic (some kickass make up artists out there)..  so, here are some pictures from my phone =)

Welcome to our House of Fun! ;)
Little pumpkin with spiders and cobwebs! ;) 
Honestly, we did not collaborate on our costumes.  The hubby called me the slutty nurse =( 
Puking pumpkin (guacamole with chips), chocolate covered pretzels fingers..
Cream & Goat cheese with black and green olives dip (we had green olives with pimento as eyes)..  Dipped with carrot, celery and capsicum sticks and cherry tomatoes
Some transexual scary person to the left, Vampy Snow White and some cute doll..
Zombie Kill Bill school girl!  Scarily good face make up! 
Fang bites mini red velvet cupcakes and fruit punch (with loads of vodka) 
mini candied apples or dipped with white chocolate
Zombies and Undeads and even a sugar skull painted face  
The scary couple with their baby ...
Wednesday and her mummified boyfriend!
He looks like the joker... with a sexy mole...  but apparently they were some old film stars back in the 70s
One scary couple with really kick ass face make up!

Miss Sej being Miss Sej..  Even the mummy was scared ;)
Poor baby being abused!
The mummy and his one orange balloon
The hot food went quick..  Maybe that pregnant nun was feeling hungry
That's always someone photobombing the photos =)

Jason is looking for his cleaver.. and right in the corner is the Asian Gossip Gang
Group Shot! 

The puke went fast!
Scarily carved pumpkin!  That's a lot of work!
The Corpse Bride won 'Best Costume' for the night!
Giving their best 'happy' smile
They were scarily cute!
Whoever took these pictures were drunk!
Total Blurrr
This was the least shaky picture out of 5 he took!

Another group photo 

Morning after...  What's left of the mummy 
Someone forgot to take home their scary baby!

The dead corner... Dead plants, eyeballs! 
I sure have some creative friends ;)
Until next time..

Stay fabulous!