Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pastels.. so summery..

Quite loving all the pastel colours in fashion at the moment..  Very sweet and demure..  I love how some people have been calling them 'eye candy' and 'gelato flavoured'.  Such pretty names.  Pity I don't carry pale colour too well and it's too wet and cold to look summary and happy.  *sigh*

I think Cotton On, Rubi Shoes (Australia) are carrying some gorgeous pastel shoes...  Just so scumptious and delicious, don't you think??

Evie Envelope Clutch Bag from Rubi Shoes
Gatsby Heel from Rubi Shoes
Venus Point from Rubi Shoes

Daisy Crochet Skirt from Portmans
Nine West, Australia - Heels & matching bags... How yummy!

Summer is nearly over and it's been a really bad summer for me here in Sweden.  Only a few days of proper sunshine which I could count on both my hands.

Wonder what the winter months will bring?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hola Ibiza!!

We are enjoying the sun here in Ibiza!! Pretty lovely out here..

We are more to the northern part, so it's quieter which is what we like.. The villa is massive but with weird decors inside.. Remind me of our old apartment in Stockholm where there were a pair of horns above the bed in the bedroom and chain decors hanging on the wall in the lounge... Hmm..

Anyhow, only 2 more days left before we return back to Lund... Sobs! I don't wanna leave!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Sweden.. What summer???

I'm so over the dreadful weather here in Sweden.  It's been raining continuously and I haven't had a proper summer at all.. *sobs*

Miserable miserable week!

I'm also pretty sad that we have a little over 2 weeks left here in Lund.  I'm feeling a pang of sadness already.  It's been our home for the last 3+ weeks.. *sigh*  What have I learnt?  Jag vet inte!  I'm still shocking with my Swedish and I get so shy when trying to speak with strangers, so I tend to clam up.  S on the other hand is trying his Swedish with anyone down the street!

What else.. Let's see.. Was watching the latest SYTYCD Season 9.. and really disappointed that red lips, beautiful Alexa is out.. Boo Hoo Hoo!  Cole Horibe & Lindsay's routine was disappointing as well.  What a 'boring' number =(  Cole still rocks though!  Let's hope they are not in the bottom next week.. *fingers crossed*

On the other hand..........  we are off to IBIZA next weekend!  Bring on my proper summer!!  My fat white legs might see some sun after all!!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

SYTYCD, my favourite couple of the night! ;) Yes, it IS Cole Horibe =P

No.. I'm not obsessed.. but seriously, how hot is this dance with Cole & Lindsay on SYTYCD!

Cole has such power, such intensity, such passion, such... an overachiever!!! I could watch him again and again...Haha.. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SYTYCD - Season 9 - Cole Horibe - New Obsession??

I have to say I have not been that into SYTYCD until recently.. S is usually the one watching all those episodes season after season and I'll pop my head near his laptop or look up when he plays them on TV.. but other than that, I had no interest whatsoever...

but noone has captured my attention so much as ... Cole Horibe...  Either than that he's really nice looking.. Think Keanu Reeves and Brandon Lee looks/martial arts.  He seems really sweet too in all his interviews and his movements are so powerful and so beautiful to watch!

I have to say I was mighty disappointed that I could not see him at all in any of the videos in Vegas.  They did do a lot of show time on Alexa Anderson though. (she's really beautiful, very Blake Lively..)

So, I'm terribly terribly excited that Cole is in the top 20s!  There's also an Australian in the top 20!  So proud!!  Considering the Australian version of SYTYCD is soooo bad, I cringed everytime I watch them on TV... but seriously.. Cole all the way!!!

Look at how powerful he looks.. oh boy... *fans self*

I'm quite embarassed to say, I'm following him on Facebook as well as Twitter.. Obsessed much? haha.. S has been rolling his eyes at me whenever I start watching him on SYTYCD on YouTube and found out he has his own YouTube account..  So.. Well.. You get the picture..

Anyhow good luck Cole!!! Xx



shush.. stop laughing =P

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy - Book Review... ;)

Hello ladies...

If you need something to read, I would so recommend E.L James Fifty Shades Trilogy. I've heard all the excited whispers about the first book - Fifty Shades of Grey and have finally decided to purchase this on kindle.

I downloaded the free version (which gives you up to 2 chapters of the first trilogy) and was about to yawn and give this up for good, when the 'exciting' bits started at the end of the last few free pages..  It really left me hanging and made me extremely curious.

As I was reading this on S's iPad, I got him to purchase the trilogies for me.. and boy!  I think S would agree it's the best £ he has spent on books.. *cough* ;)  It's only £8.99 on Amazon UK.

If you are curious about BDSM or just need a 'light' read before bedtime do.. do.. do.. give this a try.  I never knew you could do... all these things.. with.. *cough*  I mean.. seriously, just give it a read!

Just lock the kids somewhere safe first, so, they wouldn't accidentally walk in on you.. =P

I haven't felt that delightful tingle up and down my spine since... cupcakes and ice creams!  YUM!! =D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My little fascinator for a friend's wedding

Don't mind me mucking around.. but I just realised I can't find a close up picture of my fascinator... This has to be the closest one I guess.

Made from sinamay.  The base is handblocked with 3 layers of sinamay (2 pink and one black) and stiffened.. unfortunately, it came out looking kind of grey??  but it ended up looking pretty OK with my dress for the evening.  Handstitched a black line of sinamay at the top and attached another strip of sinamay so it looked like a bow on to the top and finished with a sparkling rhinestone button at the very top.

I've lined the inside with black dupion silk and wired around the edge and finished it off with black petersham ribbon.  A plastic comb and black elastic band is also sewn underneath so, it's double secure sitting on my head.  No fear if it's a windy day! =)  The whole thing has been handstitched by hand.

Walking around Helsingborg city centre with it on was fun.  A old lady near the station got excited and pointed at my hat and her head which freaked me out a little as I think she was homeless.  But she liked my hat =P

Smooches for you and me!  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Andres & Gemma's Wedding in Helsingborg...

Last couple of weeks has been quiet for us.  Other than our daily Swedish classes, the only fun thing we did was travelling up north for G&A wedding.  I met Gemma back in 2010 when we both attended Swedish classes at Folkuniversitetet.  She's a lass from Wales while he's Swedish.. =) (They are now honeymooning in Japan.  Lucky ducks!!)

We caught the train from Malmö to Helsingborg and from there, we caught a bus to a small village named Brunnby and we had to walk a bit to get to the venue.  Thankfully I brought a pair of flats with me to walk in.. The venue was at Brunnby Gärd..  A pretty little place, somewhere so remotely far.. It was nearly a 3 hours each way for us to get to from where we were staying! hehe

Helsingborg..  What a pretty city...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

We are now in Lund! Bad Hilton!! =P

Bye Bye Malmö...  We were there for a week, but it was a chore rushing to our class in Lund every morning as class starts at 9am each day.

Our routine consist of waking up late, rush down for breakkie and me stuffing breakkie into my bag.. a mad rush to the train station... and then.. a mad rush to school!

So, we have moved!  and are in Lund now!!  Here's to late morning wake ups! and a slow stroll to school!  Who's betting we will still be late every morning? ;)

Brings me back memories when I used to work in Melbourne where we used to live in the city, which was 3 blocks away from work!  I was late practically every morning.. haha shocking =P

p/s  I find it extremely hard recommending the Hilton in Malmö...  For starters, there is no lounge room, which means no free drinks or nibblies throughout the day and no lovely free canapes in the evening.. on top of that I got bitten by something all over my face, my neck .. and some marks on my feet .. and a couple on my body and after 2 nights (where bite marks were spreading) we complained and got moved to another room (which was smaller than our original room), one of the reception person was quite rude when we approached them the next day, asking how it went and when we could move to another room similar to our original room.  Her response was..  "There was nothing wrong with the room.  We had the expert came and did treatment and nothing was found".  The look and the tone insinuated that I was making shit up.  I was mighty pissed off.  At least the itchy little dots have stopped appearing.. but the old ones are still around ;(

You suck big time, Hilton!! (although some staff are pretty friendly especially the ground floor restaurant..  Lovely people and so helpful with practicing Swedish with us!)

Anywaz,  have a lovely week!!