Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Four Seasons, Il Lago Restaurant, Geneva - Beautiful decors, excellent service

While looking through my photos from end of last year, I came across all the beautiful places we have been and of course all the restaurants we had the privilege to visit and the delicious food we were stuffing our faces with..

We were in Geneva for a night, before heading up to the French alps for some snowboarding.  S as usual decided to surprise me with a birthday dinner, telling me we'll just walk around the block and see if we could find a simple and cheap dinner.. ;P

Of course, for some reason, we managed to come across The Four Season hotel, to which he suggested we go in and have a quick afternoon tea before walking back out for diner.

He's such a tease, seriously!

Anywaz, from the outside in the evening, it looks promising...  Sitting in their gorgeous lounge area where we could order tea, I simply couldn't keep my eyes from wandering around the beautiful old time decors... The comfy chairs, the grand decorations and gorgeous wallpapers.

*  Pictures were taken on my DSLR and iPhone 4, you could see the difference ;)

Restaurant Il Lago
Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva 
33, Quai des Bergues 
1201 Geneva 

Four Season Hotel

The lamps, the vases, flowers and candles on the table and gorgeous floral carpeting

Love the wallpaper and the comfy couches

Having a lovely hot green tea with some complimentary French cakes - Canneles Bordelais .. Slightly chewy but addictive

Beautiful interior at the Hotel

After tea, the boy led me outside.... but somehow managed to steer me into another room.. the Restaurant.  Cheeky boy!  Apparently, he's organised with the restaurant and reconfirmed by pretending to leave for the gents while I sat there with my tea!

My baby looking so smug at himself!

Decor in here is absolutely dining.  We sat in the first room from the entrance.  They have another door leading to a bigger room 

Gold plates which were just for presentation.  They removed them once you have sit down


Picking a selection of fresh warm breads and crackers...

I love how there's noone around as we dined pretty early.  It started filling up later in the evening

My fancy mocktail for the evening!  Something with strawberries and lime! =D

Something light and savoury to start the evening with

 I was munching on these cheesy crispy bread which were so addictive!

We ended up choosing their Degustation menu which consist of around 7 dishes or so -   4 dishes, cheese selection, dessert and sweets for €130.  Of course with degustation menu, it always end up with more than 7 dishes =D

This wasn't in their menu.  I can't remember what this was.  Was a piece of fish on some creamy sauce...

Scampi with white beans & onion consomme.  Was fresh and light and made my heart sing!

Cheese tortelli scented with lemon & mint - I was happy with 4 pieces as they were filling.  Love the lemon taste!

Lobster risotto - Love the lobster, but I think S wasn't too keen on the risotto.  The risotto was a bit too tough for me, but I polished everything up.  The plate is flat, so, it's just a thin layer of risotto.

Choice of EITHER Glazed goat kid with banyuls and seasonal vegetables - I picked the meat

OR Wild sea bass with roasted artichokes and lemon emulsion - S picked the fish which he wasn't too happy with as it had creamy sauce in it.  He hates anything too creamy ;)

Then, they wheeled in a two layers of assorted cheeses.  I was bouncing up and down taking pictures while S was trying not to laugh at me =P

We ended with just a tiny selection as we were pretty full by then.  Think we picked a selection of hard and soft cheese

Roasted pineapple with exotic flavours and crumble.  The gold flake at the top made my day! =D

Slices of Fresh fruits with sorbet
Love the chocolate with the name of the restaurant on it!

Then the trolley stopped by.  We could pick a huge selection of chocolates and sweets to wrap up the evening!  I wanted.. EVERYTHING!!!!  
 but S was like.. nooooo... but we managed to get a selection of delicious sweet morsels and I ate every bit of my share.... =D

Last but not least, I got my little surprise.. hehe  I was sooooo happy

Making a wish before blowing!

I can't believe I still had room for chocolate ice cream!!

Overall I think this was very enjoyable.  The service were really good as the waiters were very attentive and I was blown away with the little extra at the end of my meal.  I finally got to blow my candle and made a wish! YAY!  =D