Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do I write so loudly it annoys people?

Today, I had the most interesting experience at my SFI.  Firstly, what is SFI?  It's an abbreviation for Swedish for Immigrant.  It's free and provided by the Swedish government and depending on which SFI you attend, you'll have either a group of working professional who attend SFI in the evening after work or if you attend the day classes, it's mostly filled with love refugees, refugees, students or asylum seekers.

I've attended SFI in the evening which means, people attending are a lot more educated and have better manners.  These are people who have degrees or are professionals.  Attending in the day time, you could have a mix of educated students or just FOB (Fresh off boat).  Don't get me wrong.  My current class have some lovely people and there's a mixture of students, professionals, even refugees and asylum seekers and they have all been quite lovely.

So, today, during the last hour of class where we had to write a page or so of what our 'Summer Memories' are in Swedish, I was sitting next to a young Chinese girl.  While writing with a pencil on a single paper on a wooden table; I was told that the 'tuk, tuk, tuk' writing of my pencil on paper was too loud and she couldn't concentrate and I need to write quietly.  Seriously???  I had only written about 4 lines in the last 15 minutes.  When she said that, I was too shocked.. All I could say was 'Seriously?'  After giving me 5 minutes, she decided to grab her paper and pencil and asked if it's OK for her to move.  Eff Off, bitch, do I look like I give a shit?  All I said was I don't care.  Do what you want!  So, it ended with her moving to the back of the class to finish writing her 'novel' in peace and quiet, away from the 'tuk' 'tuk' 'tuk' sound of my pencil.

What the f*ck is wrong with some people.  Does my breathing annoys you as well?  Is that too loud??  Considering I had to sit next to her the whole day (group discussion where she was freaking annoying, forcing her opinion down my throat as mine was different from everyone else) and then leading up to that last hour of class, she was not even saying it nicely.  Fucking rude Chinese, seriously!

And no, I'm not being racist.  My background is Chinese and I'll be the first to admit that Chinese people have no manners and mainland Chinese are the worst.  Seriously, learn some manners and stop thinking the world revolves around you!!

*** END RANT ***