Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time out

Sometimes I love being surrounded by people, but sometimes I need time to be alone. Alone time is great for me to recharge and not having to behave properly and be nice to people or even to talk.

I have been feeling it for the past couple of weeks where I get frustrated and annoyed over little things.  From being laid back most times to getting irritated and biting off people's head over a simple thing as them making fun of my 'full name' cos they think it's funny. Usually I let it slide but man! I was annoyed.. 

I need time out and I dislike having to explain myself, trying to find an excuse why I just don't feel the need to be out socialising all the time, especially today.

True, I don't work full time or study full time so, I should have plenty of alone time but ... I still have to go to school every morning during weekdays and having to work whenever I get a 6am call.    So, 1 whole day of not seeing anyone at all is ... Really, really nice. 

Mood swings and being tired.. Time to burrow myself into my hole for the next few days...

Sorry folks!