Monday, March 17, 2014

My new TV series addiction - The good wife...

I discovered this series when I was sick at home for a week and was watching this daily on TV..

But once I got better I started streaming them online from season 1. Now watching season 3, I'm still strangely so obsessed with this law drama.

I love the triangle of 2 men and a woman. I love how she's a woman in her 40s with 2 teenage children and still able to hold such power hold over men her own age. She's not beautiful nor sensuous or try hard to be. She has a mumsy, divorcee haircut but yet, men are drawn to her poker face, perfectly arched eyebrows.

Sometimes I have difficulty comprehending what the cases were about but I'll still continue watching as the chemistry between Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick is so strong, I felt pity for bridesmaid Will. It also helps that the men are all in suits and my knees do get weak with men in suits. Yep! 'Suits' is another TV series I'm hooked on.. It helps that the whole casts of 'Suits' consist of beautiful women and men,. *wipes drool off*

Never knew law dramas had this intense hold on me since the days of Ally Mcbeal.

This link really sums up the sex life of Alicia Florrick of my new favourite show!!