Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Umami, Japanese Restaurant, Copenhagen

This week, I decided to tag along with S while he's working in Copenhagen.  The journey took nearly 7 hours by train (burnt rubber and a change of train at Malmö, not to mention an already late running train).  I mean hey, this is supposed to be the express train and supposed to reach Copenhagen in 5 hours... but shit happens =p  Thankfully, the man was waiting for me at the airport.  We didn't get back to the hotel till after midnight... Ouch!

Anyhow, I'm loving this fusion Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen.  We picked the Omakase Menu (Which means, "I'll leave it to you")...   For the price of 650, you'll get served 6 dishes & a dessert which the chef has decided to pick for you.  For around 50 for the two of us, we got to have unlimited sparkling water (Service could be a tad better, as we had to keep asking them to fill our glasses.  One thing which irked me a little was when the wait staff tried to explain the dishes, sometimes they look pretty confused themselves.  I'm really hoping it's due to the translation from Danish to English, and not because they had no idea!  =P )

Restaurant Umami
St. Kongensgade 59
1264 København K
DenmarkPhone +45 3338 7500
Opening Hours:  
Mon - Thurs (18:00 - 22:00)
Fri & Sat (18:00 - 23:00)
Sun (Closed)

The bar is downstairs, while their dining area is upstairs
You could see the chefs busy at work in the kitchen
Quite casual atmosphere... (The booths are in the middle of the room)
There's a 'private' dining area on the other side from where we were
1st Dish - Tuna Tartare with avocado mousse and seaweed and a couple of crispy fish crackers.  Very fresh, but waaay too seaweedy!  All we could taste are mouthful of seaweed... ack..

2nd dish - Seabass, crispy on the outside, with a crispy slice of lotus root and sweet berry on teriyaki sauce and spring onion
Served hot!  Definitely a big yum!
4th dish - Pork pieces.  Panko crumbed with apparently kimchi on top and some sauce.  Served on a hot plate( I didn't taste any spiciness, so, I'm not really sure if they were really kim chi or the wait staff had the translation wrong)
A little too salty for my taste, the radishes help though, thankfully...
5th Dish - Veal tenderloin.  Beautiful medium rare meat, on some mashed root vegetable with thinly sliced white and green asparagus.  The stick which looks like a twig is actually a grilled asparagus.  Pretty creative and gorgeous! 
All these on barley (which you couldn't see) at the bottom with some brown sauce.  Think the wait staff said they were corn, but they sure as hell ain't corn.  Again, either they were not probably briefed or their translations were bad.  I'm hoping it's the later =P
6 extremely delicious and fresh sushi pieces.  First two were white fish and tuna on top of sushi rice, the 3rd is a roll with cucumber on the outer and salmon roe, the last two we were told we should not have them with soy sauce.  I can't remember what the 4th sushi is but the last one is a lobster roll.  Instead of using nori sheets, they used thinly sliced vegetables, giving them a refreshing taste..  2 big thumbs up from me!!
Big thumbs up for this.  So fresh and delicious.  Only bad thing is, they did not use real wasabi root (which they used to but apparently they ran out, hence they mixed grated ginger with fake wasabi which you could buy in tubes from the supermarket =PP )
I love the colour and how fresh all the ingredients were!
Last but not least, DESSERT!  YAY!  Served on a paper light wooden plate
The farthest from us was a cherry sorbet sitting on top of crushed dried cherry and crushed pistachio nuts.  Closer to us is a fried nut bread with calpis powder and cream with apparently pistachio sauce (it tasted nutty to me, but I'm not sure if it's pistachio) with a crispy wafer like cracker.

After over 2 hours of dining, we were so deliriously full, and I was a happy woman!  I love food which looks good and taste good!  Great fusion Japanese restaurant to try if you are in Copenhagen!